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post-doc: 3 Year Postdoc: Multi-Level Evolutionary Robotics
Where: Brisbane, Australia Australia
What: Are you a creative, talented, and motivated researcher in the field of machine learning, computational modelling, evolutionary robotics, or software engineering? Ready to take the bold step of moving to sunny Brisbane to pursue an exciting research career with CSIRO?

We are excited to announce a vacancy for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Multi-Level Evolutionary Robotics, who will join a cross-disciplinary international research program combining materials science, machine learning, and robotics to generate innovative solutions for currently unsolved problems.

The fellow will undertake research at the intersection of evolutionary algorithms, robotics, and materials science, and contribute significantly to creating a Multi-Level Evolution framework that searches for useful robotic materials, deploys them into components, and subsequently creates whole robots that are specialised to both their task and operating environment including materials and morphology. This will involve the use of various computational design approaches, machine learning, evolutionary robotics, CAD, and gettings hands-on with our 3D printers.

For more details about the general vision, please see:
Howard, David, et al. "Evolving embodied intelligence from materials to machines." Nature Machine Intelligence 1.1 (2019): 12.

This project provides opportunities to undertake placements at our collaborators, e.g., INRIA and Monash University. The Fellow will be guided by an international supervisory team with expertise in machine learning for materials discovery, diversity-based evolutionary algorithms, and evolutionary robotics.

Who: david.howard@csiro.au
When: Until 2019-10-15 10:00
Presented at next GECCO?: no

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