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research position: 2 PhD and 1 Postdoc positions on Distributed Intelligence and Learning
Where: Trento, Italy Italy
What: For an upcoming European project (starting in October 2022), I am looking for 2 PhD candidates with a Master degree in Computer Science, Information Engineering, or equivalent topics, and 1 postdoc with previous experience in machine learning/evolutionary computation, and, possibly, distributed systems, in particular sensor networks. All the positions are fully funded for 3 years. The PhD candidates must start on November 1, 2022, while the starting date for the postdoc can be negotiated. Each PhD scholarship is approximately 1200 EUR/month (after tax), while the salary for the postdoc is approximately 2500 EUR/month (before tax).

The project will focus on the design and development of lightweight machine learning models for sensor systems to be used in smart building applications.

On the one hand, we will investigate lightweight black-box (e.g., neural networks) and white-box (e.g., decision trees) models, and combinations thereof. In this regard, we will use Neural Architecture Search and evolutionary algorithms to derive optimally designed models that take into account possible computational and energy constraints on the nodes of the distributed system. We will also study the explainability of those models.

On the other hand, we will study different distributed learning approaches, based on consensus and other forms of aggregation of the outputs of the node-local models, in order to achieve a global goal at network level. Federated and split learning approaches, also including probabilistic learning and evolutionary optimization, will be considered to ensure a flexible architecture capable of guaranteeing a proper separation of concerns and data protection/privacy.

For all the positions, previous experience in sensor networks, embedded systems, and probabilistic communication is considered a plus.

Who: Giovanni Iacca, giovanni.iacca@unitn.it
When: Until 2022-08-30 18:00
Presented at next GECCO?: yes

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