TOC GECCO 2020 Posters No Abstract

GECCO '20: Proceedings of the 2020 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion

GECCO '20: Proceedings of the 2020 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion

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POSTER SESSION: Ant colony optimization and swarm intelligence

Evolutionary curriculum learning approach for transferable cellular automata rule optimization

  • Delia Dumitru
  • Anca Andreica
  • Laura Dioşan
  • Zoltán Bálint

The effect of differential quality and differential zealotry in the best-of-n problem

  • Judhi Prasetyo
  • Giulia De Masi
  • Elio Tuci
  • Eliseo Ferrante

Multi-objective ant colony optimization for task allocation in vehicle-based crowdsourcing

  • Jian Shi
  • Wei-Neng Chen

Improving BPSO-based feature selection applied to offline WI handwritten signature verification through overfitting control

  • Victor L. F. Souza
  • Adriano L. I. Oliveira
  • Rafael M. O. Cruz
  • Robert Sabourin

POSTER SESSION: Complex systems (artificial life/artificial immune systems/generative and developmental systems/evolutionary robotics/evolvable hardware)

Evolving hypernetworks for game-playing agents

  • Christian Carvelli
  • Djordje Grbic
  • Sebastian Risi

Comparing indirect encodings by evolutionary attractor analysis in the trait space of modular robots

  • Matteo De Carlo
  • Eliseo Ferrante
  • A. E. Eiben

A preliminary study towards an improved shepherding model

  • Heba El-Fiqi
  • Benjamin Campbell
  • Saber Elsayed
  • Anthony Perry
  • Hemant Kumar Singh
  • Robert Hunjet
  • Hussein Abbass

Safer reinforcement learning through evolved instincts

  • Djordje Grbic
  • Sebastian Risi

Exploring the BipedalWalker benchmark with MAP-Elites and curiosity-driven A3C

  • Vikas Gupta
  • Nathanael Aubert-Kato
  • Leo Cazenille

Diversity-based design assist for large legged robots

  • Gerard Howard
  • Thomas Lowe
  • Wade Geles

Diversity in swarm robotics with task-independent behavior characterization

  • Tanja Katharina Kaiser
  • Heiko Hamann

Evolving an artificial creole

  • Gregory Furman
  • Geoff Nitschke

The expense of neuro-morpho functional machines

  • Scott Hallauer
  • Geoff Nitschke

Adaptive reinforcement learning through evolving self-modifying neural networks

  • Samuel Schmidgall

Divergent search for image classification behaviors

  • Jeremy Tan
  • Bernhard Kainz

Novelty producing synaptic plasticity

  • Anil Yaman
  • Giovanni Iacca
  • Decebal Constantin Mocanu
  • George Fletcher
  • Mykola Pechenizkiy

An artificial sequential immune responses model for anomaly detection

  • Wen Zhou
  • Yiwen Liang

POSTER SESSION: Digital entertainment technologies and arts

Adea - Evolving glyphs for aiding creativity in typeface design

  • Daniel Lopes
  • João Correia
  • Penousal Machado

Evolving neural network agents to play atari games with compact state representations

  • Adam Tupper
  • Kourosh Neshatian

POSTER SESSION: Evolutionary combinatorial optimization and metaheuristics

Evolving search trajectories

  • Vincent Hénaux
  • Adrien Goëffon
  • Frédéric Saubion

An efficient evolutionary solution to the joint order batching - order picking planning problem

  • Riccardo Lucato
  • Jonas Falkner
  • Lars Schmidt-Thieme

QoS-constrained multi-objective distributed data-intensive web service composition - NSGA-II with repair method

  • Soheila Sadeghiram
  • Hui Ma
  • Gang Chen

A preliminary approach to evolutionary multitasking for dynamic flexible job shop scheduling via genetic programming

  • Fangfang Zhang
  • Yi Mei
  • Su Nguyen
  • Mengjie Zhang

POSTER SESSION: Evolutionary machine learning

Evolving network structures for text classification using genetic algorithms

  • Hayden Andersen
  • Xiaoying Gao
  • Bing Xue
  • Mengjie Zhang

An adaptive neuroevolution-based hyperheuristic

  • Etor Arza
  • Josu Ceberio
  • Aritz Pérez
  • Ekhiñe Irurozki

Multi-objective data stream clustering

  • Mohammed Oualid Attaoui
  • Hanene Azzag
  • Mustapha Lebbah
  • Nabil Keskes

A first step toward incremental evolution of convolutional neural networks

  • Dustin K. Barnes
  • Sara R. Davis
  • Emily M. Hand
  • Sushil J. Louis

Automatically extracting features for face classification using multi-objective genetic programming

  • Ying Bi
  • Bing Xue
  • Mengjie Zhang

Diversity-driven wide learning for training distributed classification models

  • Rui P. Cardoso
  • Emma Hart
  • Jeremy V. Pitt

Turing learning with hybrid discriminators: combining the best of active and passive learning

  • Yue Gu
  • Wei Li
  • Roderich Groß

Evolving deep autoencoders

  • Jeff Hajewski
  • Suely Oliveira
  • Xiaoyu Xing

Enabling XCSF to cope with dynamic environments via an adaptive error threshold

  • Tim Hansmeier
  • Paul Kaufmann
  • Marco Platzner

Towards a Pittsburgh-style LCS for learning manufacturing machinery parametrizations

  • Michael Heider
  • David Pätzel
  • Jörg Hähner

The data-driven physical-based equations discovery using evolutionary approach

  • Alexander Hvatov
  • Mikhail Maslyaev

An evolution-based approach for efficient differentiable architecture search

  • Masayuki Kobayashi
  • Tomoharu Nagao

A Multi-objective architecture search for generative adversarial networks

  • Masayuki Kobayashi
  • Tomoharu Nagao

Towards evolving robust neural architectures to defend from adversarial attacks

  • Shashank Kotyan
  • Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas

Equilibrium in classification: a new game theoretic approach to supervised learning

  • Rodica Ioana Lung
  • Mihai-Alexandru Suciu

Improving an evolutionary wrapper for attack detection by including feature importance information

  • Javier Maldonado
  • María-Cristina Riff

DarwiNN: efficient distributed neuroevolution under communication constraints

  • Gurshaant Singh Malik
  • Lucian Petrica
  • Nachiket Kapre
  • Michaela Blott

Generation of consistent sets of multi-label classification rules with a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm

  • Thiago Zafalon Miranda
  • Diorge Brognara Sardinha
  • Márcio Porto Basgalupp
  • Yaochu Jin
  • Ricardo Cerri

Searching for activation functions using a self-adaptive evolutionary algorithm

  • Andrew Nader
  • Danielle Azar

BACS: integrating behavioral sequences to ACS2

  • Romain Orhand
  • Anne Jeannin-Girardon
  • Pierre Parrend
  • Pierre Collet

A genetic programming method for classifier construction and cost learning in high-dimensional unbalanced classification

  • Wenbin Pei
  • Bing Xue
  • Lin Shang
  • Mengjie Zhang

Evolutionary super-resolution

  • Baptiste Roziere
  • Nathanaël Carraz Rakotonirina
  • Vlad Hosu
  • Hanhe Lin
  • Andry Rasoanaivo
  • Olivier Teytaud
  • Camille Couprie

Population-based evolutionary distributed SGD

  • Amna Shahab
  • Boris Grot

HyperFDA: a bi-level optimization approach to neural architecture search and hyperparameters' optimization via fractal decomposition-based algorithm

  • Léo Souquet
  • Nadiya Shvai
  • Arcadi Llanza
  • Amir Nakib

Evolutionary neural network structure search for DNN pruning and features separation

  • Zhaoyang Wu
  • Lin Lin
  • Guoliang Gong
  • Rui Xu
  • Mitsuo Gen
  • Yong Zhou

POSTER SESSION: Evolutionary multiobjective optimization

An EDA with swarm intelligence for the multi-objective flexible job-shop problem

  • Luiz Carlos Felix Carvalho
  • Márcia Aparecida Fernandes

A generic and computationally efficient automated innovization method for power-law design rules

  • Kanish Garg
  • Anish Mukherjee
  • Sukrit Mittal
  • Dhish Kumar Saxena
  • Kalyanmoy Deb

Framework to select an improved radiographic image using Speed-constrained modified particle swarm optimization

  • Luhana Aracelli González Zarza
  • Alan Mathías Ruiz Díaz Nodari
  • José Luis Vázquez Noguera
  • Diego Pedro Pinto Roa

An improved multiobjective optimization evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition with hybrid penalty scheme

  • Jinglei Guo
  • Miaomiao Shao
  • Shouyong Jiang
  • Shengxiang Yang

A local hypervolume contribution schema to improve spread of the pareto front and computational time

  • Edgar Manoatl López
  • Carlos Ignacio Hernández Castellanos

Time complexity analysis of the dominance degree approach for non-dominated sorting

  • Sumit Mishra
  • Maxim Buzdalov
  • Rakesh Senwar

Learning-based multi-objective optimization through ANN-assisted online Innovization

  • Sukrit Mittal
  • Dhish Kumar Saxena
  • Kalyanmoy Deb

Performance evaluation of the MOEA/D algorithm for the solution of a microgrid planning problem

  • Miguel A. Rodriguez
  • Dario F. Lopez
  • Sergio F. Contreras
  • Camilo A. Cortés
  • Johanna M. A. Myrzik

PaletteStarViz: a visualization method for multi-criteria decision making from high-dimensional pareto-optimal front

  • A K M Khaled Ahsan Talukder
  • Kalyanmoy Deb

Using gradient-free local search within MOEAs for the treatment of constrained MOPs

  • Lourdes Uribe
  • Adriana Lara
  • Kalyanmoy Deb
  • Oliver Schütze

Dynamic Multi-objective Optimisation Problems with Intertemporal Dependencies

  • Bernard van Tonder
  • Mardé Helbig

Improving NSGA-III for flexible job shop scheduling using automatic configuration, smart initialization and local search

  • Yali Wang
  • Bas van Stein
  • Thomas Bäck
  • Michael Emmerich

A many-objective route planning benchmark problem for navigation

  • Jens Weise
  • Sanaz Mostaghim

Worst-case conditional hardness and fast algorithms with random inputs for non-dominated sorting

  • Sorrachai Yingchareonthawornchai
  • Proteek Chandan Roy
  • Bundit Laekhanukit
  • Eric Torng
  • Kalyanmoy Deb

POSTER SESSION: Evolutionary numerical optimization

Solving min-max optimisation problems by means of bilevel evolutionary algorithms: a preliminary study

  • Margarita Antoniou
  • Gregor Papa

A view of estimation of distribution algorithms through the lens of expectation-maximization

  • David Brookes
  • Akosua Busia
  • Clara Fannjiang
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Jennifer Listgarten

Continuous optimization by hierarchical gaussian mixture with clustering embedded resource allocation

  • Jhih-Wei Chen
  • Ming-Chun Lu
  • Tian-Li Yu

Performance2vec: a step further in explainable stochastic optimization algorithm performance

  • Tome Eftimov
  • Gorjan Popovski
  • Dragi Kocev
  • Peter Korošec

Look-ahead natural evolutionary strategies

  • Jin Liang Jia
  • Alfredo Alan Flores Saldivar
  • Lin Li
  • Yun Li

Parametrized Benchmarking: an outline of the idea and a feasibility study

  • Karol R. Opara
  • Anas A. Hadi
  • Ali W. Mohamed

A quantum simulation algorithm for continuous optimization

  • Anna Ouskova Leonteva
  • Ulviya Abdulkarimova
  • Tobias M. Wintermantel
  • Anne Jeannin-Girardon
  • Pierre Parrend
  • Pierre Collet

Expediting the convergence of evolutionary algorithms by identifying promising regions of the search space

  • Kamrul Hasan Rahi
  • Ahsanul Habib
  • Hemant Kumar Singh
  • Tapabrata Ray

Bayesian CMA-ES: a new approach

  • Benhamou Eric
  • Saltiel David
  • Verel Sebastien

Differential Evolution with Reversible Linear Transformations

  • Jakub M. Tomczak
  • Ewelina Węglarz-Tomczak
  • Agoston E. Eiben

Differential evolution with explicit control of diversity for constrained optimization

  • Gabriel Vázquez
  • Carlos Segura

POSTER SESSION: Genetic algorithms

Impact of additional hardware resources on a parallel genetic algorithm

  • Glen Cancian
  • Wayne Pullan

A parallel and distributed multi-population GA with asynchronous migrations: energy-time analysis for heterogeneous systems

  • Juan José Escobar
  • Julio Ortega
  • Antonio Francisco Díaz
  • Jesús González
  • Miguel Damas

A fast GA for automatically evolving CNN architectures

  • Zhou Hong
  • Wei Fang
  • Jun Sun
  • Xiaojun Wu

Efficient machine learning through evolving combined deep neural networks

  • Rune Krauss
  • Marcel Merten
  • Mirco Bockholt
  • Saman Froehlich
  • Rolf Drechsler

SHX: search history driven crossover for real-coded genetic algorithm

  • Takumi Nakane
  • Xuequan Lu
  • Chao Zhang

Cooperative coevolutionary genetic algorithm using hierarchical clustering of linkage tree

  • Takatoshi Niwa
  • Koya Ihara
  • Shohei Kato

A test problem with difficulty in decomposing into sub-problems for model-based genetic algorithms

  • Kei Ohnishi
  • Shota Ikeda
  • Tian-Li Yu

Illuminating super mario bros: quality-diversity within platformer level generation

  • Oliver Withington

POSTER SESSION: General evolutionary computation and hybrids

Hybrid bayesian evolutionary optimization for hyperparameter tuning

  • Lukas Atkinson
  • Robin Müller-Bady
  • Martin Kappes

Automated design of efficient swarming behaviours: a Q-learning hyper-heuristic approach

  • Gabriel Duflo
  • Grégoire Danoy
  • El-Ghazali Talbi
  • Pascal Bouvry

Finding a better basis on binary representation through DNN-based epistasis estimation

  • Yong-Hoon Kim
  • Yong-Hyuk Kim

Parallelized bayesian optimization for problems with expensive evaluation functions

  • Margarita Rebolledo
  • Frederik Rehbach
  • A. E. Eiben
  • Thomas Bartz-Beielstein

Evolving genetic programming trees in a rule-based learning framework

  • Siddharth Verma
  • Piyush Borole
  • Ryan Urbanowicz

On the Effect of Walsh/Fourier transform in surrogate-assisted genetic algorithms

  • Dong-Pil Yu
  • Yong-Hyuk Kim

POSTER SESSION: Genetic programming

Benchmarking parent selection for program synthesis by genetic programming

  • Thomas Helmuth
  • Amr Abdelhady

Counterexample-driven genetic programming without formal specifications

  • Thomas Helmuth
  • Lee Spector
  • Edward Pantridge

Transfer Learning of Genetic Programming Instruction Sets

  • Thomas Helmuth
  • Edward Pantridge
  • Grace Woolson
  • Lee Spector

General controllers evolved through grammatical evolution with a divergent search

  • Enrique Naredo
  • Conor Ryan
  • Ivan Guevara
  • Tiziana Margaria
  • Paulo Urbano
  • Leonardo Trujillo

Image feature learning with a genetic programming autoencoder

  • Stefano Ruberto
  • Valerio Terragni
  • Jason H. Moore

Why and when are loops useful in genetic programming?

  • Anil Kumar Saini
  • Lee Spector

Feature engineering for improving robustness of crossover in symbolic regression

  • Aliyu Sani Sambo
  • R. Muhammad Atif Azad
  • Yevgeniya Kovalchuk
  • Vivek Padmanaabhan Indramohan
  • Hanifa Shah

Refined typed genetic programming as a user interface for genetic programming

  • Paulo Santos
  • Sara Silva
  • Alcides Fonseca

POSTER SESSION: Real world applications

A GA for non-uniform sampling harmonic analysis

  • Ulviya Abdulkarimova
  • Igor Santos Peretta
  • Anna Ouskova Leonteva
  • Younes Monjid
  • Rabih Amhaz
  • Marc Haegelin
  • Pierre Collet
  • Christian Rolando

Beer organoleptic optimisation: utilising swarm intelligence and evolutionary computation methods

  • Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie
  • Marc Cavazza

Multi-objective optimization for worker cross-training: the tri-objective case

  • Andreas Beham
  • Viktoria A. Hauder
  • Johannes Karder
  • Klaus Altendorfer

NGAP: a novel hybrid metaheuristic algorithm for round-trip carsharing fleet planning

  • Boonyarit Changaival
  • Grégoire Danoy
  • Dzmitry Kliazovich
  • Frédéric Guinand
  • Matthias R. Brust
  • Jedrzej Musial
  • Kittichai Lavangnananda
  • Pascal Bouvry

Cable-stayed bridge optimization solution space exploration

  • João Correia
  • Fernando Ferreira
  • Catarina Maçãs

Multi-objective exploration of a granular matter design space

  • Gary W. Delaney
  • Gerard Howard

A realistic scooter rebalancing system via metaheuristics

  • Guilherme Fernandes
  • Nuno Oliveira
  • Paulo Cortez
  • Rui Mendes

Wind-turbine design optimization using a many-objective evolutionary algorithm

  • Ahsanul Habib
  • Kamrul Hasan Rahi
  • Hemant Kumar Singh
  • Tapabrata Ray

Optimising word embeddings with search-based approaches

  • Max Hort
  • Federica Sarro

A new objective function for super-resolution deconvolution of microscopy images by means of a genetic algorithm

  • Axel M. Lacapmesure
  • Sandra Martínez
  • Oscar E. Martínez

A genetic algorithm for matching oil spill particles

  • Hyeon-Chang Lee
  • Hwi-Yeon Cho
  • Yong-Hyuk Kim

An improved brain storm optimization algorithm for fuzzy distributed hybrid flowshop scheduling with setup time

  • Jun-qing Li
  • Hui Yu
  • Xiaolong Chen
  • Wenhan Li
  • Yu Du
  • Yu-yan Han

Batch correction of genomic data in chronic fatigue syndrome using CMA-ES

  • Alejandro Lopez Rincon
  • Aletta D. Kraneveld
  • Alberto Tonda

Effective image clustering using self-organizing migrating algorithm

  • Seyed Jalaleddin Mousavirad
  • Gerald Schaefer
  • Iakov Korovin

Evolved ensemble of detectors for gross error detection

  • Tien Thanh Nguyen
  • John McCall
  • Allan Wilson
  • Laud Ochei
  • Helen Corbett
  • Phil Stockton

Real-time genetic optimization of large file transfers

  • Hemanta Sapkota
  • Engin Arslan
  • Sushil Louis

Moving target defense through evolutionary algorithms

  • Ernesto Serrano-Collado
  • Mario García-Valdez
  • Juan-Julián Merelo Guervós

An application of GA and EDA for passive in-building distributed antenna systems

  • Siddhartha Shakya
  • Kin Poon
  • Khawla AlShanqiti
  • Anis Ouali
  • Andrei Sleptchenko

Evolving multi-objective ranking models for GMV optimization in E-Commerce

  • Andrew Stanton
  • Akhila Ananthram
  • Pablo Crespo

Preliminary study of applied binary neural networks for neural cryptography

  • Raul Horacio Valencia Tenorio
  • Chiu Wing Sham
  • Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas

Towards realistic optimization benchmarks: a questionnaire on the properties of real-world problems

  • Koen van der Blom
  • Timo M. Deist
  • Tea Tušar
  • Mariapia Marchi
  • Yusuke Nojima
  • Akira Oyama
  • Vanessa Volz
  • Boris Naujoks

Dynamic vessel-to-vessel routing using level-wise evolutionary optimization

  • Yash Vesikar
  • Julian Blank
  • Kalyanmoy Deb
  • Markku Kalio
  • Alaleh Maskooki

Stochastic simulation optimization benchmarking method in consideration of finite period of service

  • Takufumi Yoshida
  • Daisuke Yamaguchi
  • Keiichi Handa

Multiobjective direction driven local search for constrained supply chain configuration problem

  • Xin Zhang
  • Zhi-Hui Zhan
  • Jun Zhang

POSTER SESSION: Search-based software engineering

Combining sequential model-based algorithm configuration with default-guided probabilistic sampling

  • Marie Anastacio
  • Holger H. Hoos

Handling uncertainty in code smells detection using a possibilistic SBSE approach

  • Sofien Boutaib
  • Slim Bechikh
  • Carlos A. Coello Coello
  • Chih-Cheng Hung
  • Lamjed Ben Said

Search-based many-criteria identification of microservices from legacy systems

  • Luiz Carvalho
  • Alessandro Garcia
  • Thelma Elita Colanzi
  • Wesley K. G. Assunção
  • Maria Julia Lima
  • Baldoino Fonseca
  • Mãrcio Ribeiro
  • Carlos Lucena

Recommending peer reviewers in modern code review: a multi-objective search-based approach

  • Motaz Chouchen
  • Ali Ouni
  • Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer
  • Raula Gaikovina Kula
  • Katsuro Inoue

Crash reproduction using helper objectives

  • Pouria Derakhshanfar
  • Xavier Devroey
  • Andy Zaidman
  • Arie van Deursen
  • Annibale Panichella

Exploiting fault localisation for efficient program repair

  • Vesna Nowack
  • David Bowes
  • Steve Counsell
  • Tracy Hall
  • Saemundur Haraldsson
  • Emily Winter
  • John Woodward

On the prediction of continuous integration build failures using search-based software engineering

  • Islem Saidani
  • Ali Ouni
  • Moataz Chouchen
  • Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer

A new approach to distribute MOEA pareto front computation

  • Federica Sarro
  • Alessio Petrozziello
  • Dan-Qi He
  • Shin Yoo

Divide and conquer: Seeding strategies for multi-objective multi-cloud composite applications deployment

  • Tao Shi
  • Hui Ma
  • Gang Chen


Critical evaluation of sine cosine algorithm and a few recommendations

  • Qamar Askari
  • Irfan Younas
  • Mehreen Saeed

Population control meets doob's martingale theorems: the noise-free multimodal case

  • Marie-Liesse Cauwet
  • Olivier Teytaud

Radial model of differential evolution dynamics

  • Karol R. Opara

Redundant binary representations with rigorous trade-off between connectivity and locality

  • Vida Vukašinović
  • David Kuboň
  • Riste Škrekovski
  • Petr Gregor