TOC GECCO 2021 Competitions, Workshops, Tutorials, HOP, LBAs (no abstract)

GECCO '21: Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion

GECCO '21: Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion

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SESSION: Competition: Evolutionary computation in the energy domain: Smart grid applications

Ring cellular encode-decode UMDA: simple is effective

  • Ansel Y. Rodríguez-González
  • Samantha Barajas
  • Ramón Aranda
  • Yoan Martínez-López
  • Julio Madera-Quintana

Cooperative co-evolution strategies with time-dependent grouping for optimization problems in smart grids

  • Junpeng Su
  • Han Huang
  • Zhifeng Hao

SESSION: Competition: Optimal camera placement problem (OCP) and the unicost set covering problem (USCP)

Exact and approximate USCP with branch and bound

  • Janez Radešček
  • Matjaž Depolli

SESSION: Competition: Open optimization competition 2021: Competition and benchmarking of sampling-based optimization algorithms

Benchmarking gradient-free optimizers for 3D performance capture in the nevergrad platform

  • Alexandros Doumanoglou
  • Nikolaos Zioulis
  • Vladimiros Sterzentsenko
  • Antonis Karakottas
  • Dimitrios Zarpalas
  • Petros Daras

Robust benchmarking for multi-objective optimization

  • Tome Eftimov
  • Peter Korošec

SESSION: Competition: Bound constrained single objective numerical optimization

SOMA-CLP for competition on bound constrained single objective numerical optimization benchmark: a competition entry on bound constrained single objective numerical optimization at the genetic and evolutionary computation conference (GECCO) 2021

  • Tomas Kadavy
  • Michal Pluhacek
  • Adam Viktorin
  • Roman Senkerik

SESSION: Competition: Optimization of a simulation model for a capacity and resource planning task for hospitals under special consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic

Hospital simulation model optimisation with a random ReLU expansion surrogate model

  • Laurens Bliek
  • Arthur Guijt
  • Rickard Karlsson

Surrogate-based optimisation for a hospital simulation scenario using pairwise classifiers

  • Pablo S. Naharro
  • Antonio LaTorre
  • José-María Peña

An evolutionary and neighborhood-based algorithm for optimization under low budget requirements

  • Jordi Pereira

Linear regression strategy for differential evolution

  • José L. Sainz-Pardo

SESSION: Hot off the press

Do quality indicators prefer particular multi-objective search algorithms in search-based software engineering?: (hot off the press track at GECCO 2021)

  • Shaukat Ali
  • Paolo Arcaini
  • Tao Yue

Runtime analysis via symmetry arguments: (hot-off-the-press track at GECCO 2021)

  • Benjamin Doerr

Theoretical analyses of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms on multi-modal objectives: (hot-off-the-press track at GECCO 2021)

  • Benjamin Doerr
  • Weijie Zheng

Reducing bias in multi-objective optimization benchmarking

  • Tome Eftimov
  • Peter Korošec

Optimal recombination and adaptive restarts improve GA performance on the asymmetric TSP

  • Anton Eremeev
  • Yulia Kovalenko

Genetic improvement of data for maths functions

  • William B. Langdon
  • Oliver Krauss

Achieving weight coverage for an autonomous driving system with search-based test generation (HOP track at GECCO 2021)

  • Thomas Laurent
  • Paolo Arcaini
  • Fuyuki Ishikawa
  • Anthony Ventresque

Genetic improvement of routing in delay tolerant networks

  • Michela Lorandi
  • Leonardo Lucio Custode
  • Giovanni Iacca

Interactive parameter tuning of bi-objective optimisation algorithms using the empirical attainment function

  • Manuel López-Ibáñez
  • Juan Esteban Diaz

The influence of uncertainties on optimization of vaccinations on a network of animal movements

  • Krzysztof Michalak
  • Mario Giacobini

Multi-objective parameter-less population pyramid in solving the real-world and theoretical problems

  • Michal W. Przewozniczek
  • Piotr Dziurzanski
  • Shuai Zhao
  • Leandro S. Indrusiak

On sampling error in evolutionary algorithms

  • Dirk Schweim
  • David Wittenberg
  • Franz Rothlauf

Improving assertion oracles with evolutionary computation

  • Valerio Terragni
  • Gunel Jahangirova
  • Mauro Pezzè
  • Paolo Tonella

Analysis of evolutionary algorithms on fitness function with time-linkage property (hot-off-the-press track at GECCO 2021)

  • Weijie Zheng
  • Huanhuan Chen
  • Xin Yao

SESSION: Late-breaking abstracts

An improved predictor of daily stock index based on a genetic filter

  • Dong-Hee Cho
  • Seung-Hyun Moon
  • Yong-Hyuk Kim

Algorithm selection using transfer learning

  • Niranjana Deshpande
  • Naveen Sharma

A software library for archiving nondominated points

  • Duarte M. Dias
  • Alexandre D. Jesus
  • Luís Paquete

An interactive tool for enhancing hospital capacity predictions using an epidemiological model

  • F. Gibson
  • R. Fabbro
  • A. Rahat
  • T. Torsney-Weir
  • D. Archambault
  • M. Gravenor
  • B. Lucini

A new hybrid evolutionary algorithm for dial-a-ride problems

  • Sonia Nasri
  • Hend Bouziri
  • Wassila Aggoune-Mtalaa

Generative design of microfluidic channel geometry using evolutionary approach

  • Nikolay O. Nikitin
  • Alexander Hvatov
  • Iana S. Polonskaia
  • Anna V. Kalyuzhnaya
  • Georgii V. Grigorev
  • Xiaohao Wang
  • Xiang Qian

Rapid prototyping of evolution-driven biclustering methods in Julia

  • Paweł Renc
  • Patryk Orzechowski
  • Aleksander Byrski
  • Jarosław Wąs
  • Jason H. Moore

k-Pareto optimality for many-objective genetic optimization

  • Jean Ruppert
  • Marharyta Aleksandrova
  • Thomas Engel

Winner prediction for real-time strategy games through feature selection based on a genetic wrapper

  • Seung-Soo Shin
  • Yong-Hyuk Kim

TUTORIAL SESSION: Tutorials: Introductory tutorials

Benchmarking: state-of-the-art and beyond

  • Anne Auger
  • Nikolaus Hansen

Recent advances in particle swarm optimization analysis and understanding 2021

  • A P Engelbrecht
  • C W Cleghorn

A gentle introduction to theory (for non-theoreticians)

  • Benjamin Doerr

Runtime analysis of evolutionary algorithms: basic introduction

  • Per Kristian Lehre
  • Pietro S. Oliveto

Evolution of neural networks

  • Risto Miikkulainen

Genetic programming: a tutorial introduction

  • Una-May O'Reilly
  • Erik Hemberg

Replicability and reproducibility in evolutionary optimization

  • Luís Paquete
  • Manuel López-Ibáñez

Representations for evolutionary algorithms

  • Franz Rothlauf

Introductory mathematical programming for EC

  • Ofer M. Shir

Learning classifier systems: from principles to modern systems

  • Anthony Stein
  • Masaya Nakata

Hyper-heuristics tutorial

  • Daniel R. Tauritz
  • John Woodward

Model-based evolutionary algorithms

  • Dirk Thierens
  • Peter A. N. Bosman

Theoretical foundations of evolutionary computation for beginners and veterans

  • Darrell Whitley

TUTORIAL SESSION: Tutorials: Advanced tutorials

CMA-ES and advanced adaptation mechanisms

  • Youhei Akimoto
  • Nikolaus Hansen

Benchmarking multiobjective optimizers 2.0

  • Dimo Brockhoff
  • Tea Tušar

Advanced Learning Classifier Systems

  • Prof Will Browne

Constraint-handling techniques used with evolutionary algorithms

  • Carlos A. Coello Coello

Quality-diversity optimisation

  • Antoine Cully
  • Jean-Baptiste Mouret
  • Stéphane Doncieux

Evolutionary multi- and many-objective optimization: methodologies, applications and demonstration

  • Kalyanmoy Deb
  • Julian Blank

Statistical analyses for meta-heuristic stochastic optimization algorithms

  • Tome Eftimov
  • Peter Korošec

Genetic improvement: taking real-world source code and improving it using genetic programming

  • Sæmundur Ó. Haraldsson
  • Alexander Brownlee
  • John R. Woodward
  • Markus Wagner
  • Bradley Alexander

Dynamic multi-objective optimization: introduction, challenges, applications and future directions

  • Mardé Helbig

Lexicase Selection

  • Thomas Helmuth
  • William La Cava

Runtime analysis of population-based evolutionary algorithms

  • Per Kristian Lehre
  • Pietro S. Oliveto

Decomposition multi-objective optimisation: current developments and future opportunities

  • Ke Li
  • Qingfu Zhang

Recent advances in landscape analysis for optimisation and learning

  • Katherine Malan
  • Gabriela Ochoa

Evolutionary submodular optimisation

  • Aneta Neumann
  • Frank Neumann
  • Chao Qian

Sequential experimentation by evolutionary algorithms

  • Ofer M. Shir
  • Thomas Bäck

Automated algorithm configuration and design

  • Thomas Stützle
  • Manuel López-Ibáñez

Coevolutionary computation for adversarial deep learning

  • Jamal Toutouh
  • Una-May O'Reilly

TUTORIAL SESSION: Tutorials: Specialized tutorials

Evolutionary art and design: representation, fitness and interaction

  • Penousal Machado

Search based software engineering: challenges, opportunities and recent applications

  • Ali Ouni
  • Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer

Applications of dynamic parameter control in evolutionary computation

  • Gregor Papa

Evolutionary computation and machine learning in cryptology

  • Stjepan Picek
  • Domagoj Jakobovic


  • Lee Spector

Towards a green AI: evolutionary solutions for an ecologically viable artificial intelligence

  • Nayat Sánchez-Pi
  • Luis Martí

Evolutionary computation for feature selection and feature construction

  • Bing Xue
  • Mengjie Zhang

Evolutionary computation and evolutionary deep learning for image analysis, signal processing and pattern recognition

  • Mengjie Zhang
  • Stefano Cagnoni

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Analysing algorithmic behaviour of optimisation heuristics

Quantifying the impact of boundary constraint handling methods on differential evolution

  • Rick Boks
  • Anna V. Kononova
  • Hao Wang

On the genotype compression and expansion for evolutionary algorithms in the continuous domain

  • Lucija Planinic
  • Marko Djurasevic
  • Luca Mariot
  • Domagoj Jakobovic
  • Stjepan Picek
  • Carlos Coello Coello

Design of large-scale metaheuristic component studies

  • Helena Stegherr
  • Michael Heider
  • Leopold Luley
  • Jörg Hähner

Benchmark generator for TD Mk landscapes

  • Tobias van Driessel
  • Dirk Thierens

Emergence of structural bias in differential evolution

  • Bas van Stein
  • Fabio Caraffini
  • Anna V. Kononova

Is there anisotropy in structural bias?

  • Diederick Vermetten
  • Anna V. Kononova
  • Fabio Caraffini
  • Hao Wang
  • Thomas Bäck

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Black box optimization benchmarking

DMS and MultiGLODS: black-box optimization benchmarking of two direct search methods on the bbob-biobj test suite

  • Dimo Brockhoff
  • Baptiste Plaquevent-Jourdain
  • Anne Auger
  • Nikolaus Hansen

Benchmarking SHADE algorithm enhanced with model based optimization on the BBOB noiseless testbed

  • Michał Okulewicz
  • Mateusz Zaborski

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Decomposition techniques in evolutionary optimization

An abstract interface for large-scale continuous optimization decomposition methods

  • Rodolfo A. Lopes
  • Rodrigo C. P. Silva
  • Alan R. R. de Freitas

The bee-benders hybrid algorithm with application to transmission expansion planning

  • Cameron A. G. MacRae
  • Melih Ozlen
  • Andreas T. Ernst

Population-based coordinate descent algorithm with majority voting

  • Davood Zaman Farsa
  • Azam Asilian Bidgoli
  • Ehsan Rokhsat-Yazdi
  • Shahryar Rahnamayan

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Evolutionary algorithms and HPC

An efficient fault-tolerant communication algorithm for population-based metaheuristics

  • Amanda S. Dufek
  • Douglas A. Augusto
  • Helio J. C. Barbosa
  • Pedro L. S. Dias
  • Jack R. Deslippe

Improving the scalability of distributed neuroevolution using modular congruence class generated innovation numbers

  • Joshua Karns
  • Travis Desell

Generating combinations on the GPU and its application to the k-subset sum

  • Victor Parque

X-Aevol: GPU implementation of an evolutionary experimentation simulator

  • Laurent Turpin
  • Thierry Gautier
  • Jonathan Rouzaud-Cornabas

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Evolutionary algorithms for problems with uncertainty

Maximising hypervolume and minimising ϵ-indicators using Bayesian optimisation over sets

  • Tinkle Chugh
  • Manuel López-Ibáñez

RARE: evolutionary feature engineering for rare-variant bin discovery

  • Satvik Dasariraju
  • Ryan J. Urbanowicz

A new acquisition function for robust Bayesian optimization of unconstrained problems

  • Sibghat Ullah
  • Hao Wang
  • Stefan Menzel
  • Bernhard Sendhoff
  • Thomas Bäck

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Evolutionary computation and decision making

A divide and conquer approach for web services location allocation problem

  • Harshal Tupsamudre
  • Saket Saurabh
  • Arun Ramamurthy
  • Mangesh Gharote
  • Sachin Lodha

Model learning with personalized interpretability estimation (ML-PIE)

  • Marco Virgolin
  • Andrea De Lorenzo
  • Francesca Randone
  • Eric Medvet
  • Mattias Wahde

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Evolutionary computation for the automated design of algorithms

Towards large scale automated algorithm design by integrating modular benchmarking frameworks

  • Amine Aziz-Alaoui
  • Carola Doerr
  • Johann Dreo

Tuning as a means of assessing the benefits of new ideas in interplay with existing algorithmic modules

  • Jacob de Nobel
  • Diederick Vermetten
  • Hao Wang
  • Carola Doerr
  • Thomas Bäck

Automated design of accurate and robust image classifiers with brain programming

  • Gerardo Ibarra-Vazquez
  • Gustavo Olague
  • Cesar Puente
  • Mariana Chan-Ley
  • Carlos Soubervielle-Montalvo

A selection hyperheuristic guided by Thompson sampling for numerical optimization

  • Marcella Scoczynski
  • Diego Oliva
  • Erick Rodríguez-Esparza
  • Myriam Delgado
  • Ricardo Lüders
  • Mohamed El Yafrani
  • Luiz Ledo
  • Mohamed Abd Elaziz
  • Marco Peréz-Cisnero

Which hyperparameters to optimise?: an investigation of evolutionary hyperparameter optimisation in graph neural network for molecular property prediction

  • Yingfang Yuan
  • Wenjun Wang
  • Wei Pang

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Evolutionary computation for permutation problems

Towards the landscape rotation as a perturbation strategy on the quadratic assignment problem

  • Joan Alza
  • Mark Bartlett
  • Josu Ceberio
  • John McCall

On the symmetry of the quadratic assignment problem through elementary landscape decomposition

  • Xabier Benavides
  • Josu Ceberio
  • Leticia Hernando

Generating instances with performance differences for more than just two algorithms

  • Jakob Bossek
  • Markus Wagner

Exploratory analysis of the Monte Carlo tree search for solving the linear ordering problem

  • Andoni I. Garmendia
  • Josu Ceberio
  • Alexander Mendiburu

Hybrid linkage learning for permutation optimization with Gene-pool optimal mixing evolutionary algorithms

  • Michal W. Przewozniczek
  • Marcin M. Komarnicki
  • Peter A. N. Bosman
  • Dirk Thierens
  • Bartosz Frej
  • Ngoc Hoang Luong

An empirical evaluation of permutation-based policies for stochastic RCPSP

  • Olivier Regnier-Coudert
  • Guillaume Povéda

Solving job shop scheduling problems without using a bias for good solutions

  • Thomas Weise
  • Xinlu Li
  • Yan Chen
  • Zhize Wu

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Evolutionary data mining and optimization over graphs

Graph-aware evolutionary algorithms for influence maximization

  • Kateryna Konotopska
  • Giovanni Iacca

Focusing on the hybrid quantum computing - Tabu search algorithm: new results on the Asymmetric Salesman Problem

  • Eneko Osaba
  • Esther Villar-Rodriguez
  • Izaskun Oregi
  • Aitor Moreno-Fernandez-de-Leceta

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Evolutionary reinforcement learning

Novelty and MCTS

  • Hendrik Baier
  • Michael Kaisers

Using deep Q-network for selection hyper-heuristics

  • Augusto Dantas
  • Alexander Fiabane do Rego
  • Aurora Pozo

Coordinate ascent MORE with adaptive entropy control for population-based regret minimization

  • Maximilian Hüttenrauch
  • Gerhard Neumann

On the challenges of jointly optimising robot morphology and control using a hierarchical optimisation scheme

  • Léni K. Le Goff
  • Emma Hart

Using reinforcement learning for tuning genetic algorithms

  • Jose Quevedo
  • Marwan Abdelatti
  • Farhad Imani
  • Manbir Sodhi

Evolutionary reinforcement learning for sparse rewards

  • Shibei Zhu
  • Francesco Belardinelli
  • Borja González León

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Evolutionary computation software systems

AI programmer: autonomously creating software programs using genetic algorithms

  • Kory Becker
  • Justin Gottschlich

Paradiseo: from a modular framework for evolutionary computation to the automated design of metaheuristics: 22 years of Paradiseo

  • Johann Dreo
  • Arnaud Liefooghe
  • Sébastien Verel
  • Marc Schoenauer
  • Juan J. Merelo
  • Alexandre Quemy
  • Benjamin Bouvier
  • Jan Gmys

Component-based design of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms using the Tigon optimization library

  • João A. Duro
  • Daniel C. Oara
  • Ambuj K. Sriwastava
  • Yiming Yan
  • Shaul Salomon
  • Robin C. Purshouse

EBIC.JL: an efficient implementation of evolutionary biclustering algorithm in Julia

  • Paweł Renc
  • Patryk Orzechowski
  • Aleksander Byrski
  • Jarosław Wăs
  • Jason H. Moore

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Industrial applications of metaheuristics

A multi-objective genetic algorithm for jacket optimization

  • Jan Burak
  • Ole Jakob Mengshoel

Using grammatical evolution for modelling energy consumption on a computer numerical control machine

  • Samuel Carvalho
  • Joe Sullivan
  • Douglas Mota Dias
  • Enrique Naredo
  • Conor Ryan

A heuristic approach to feasibility verification for truck loading

  • Vinicius Gandra
  • Hatice Çalik
  • Tony Wauters
  • Greet Vanden Berghe

Trustworthy AI for process automation on a Chylla-Haase polymerization reactor

  • Daniel Hein
  • Daniel Labisch

Multi tree operators for genetic programming to identify optimal energy flow controllers

  • Kathrin Kefer
  • Roland Hanghofer
  • Patrick Kefer
  • Markus Stöger
  • Bernd Hofer
  • Michael Affenzeller
  • Stephan Winkler

Simulation-based scheduling of a large-scale industrial formulation plant using a heuristics-assisted genetic algorithm

  • Christian Klanke
  • Dominik Bleidorn
  • Christian Koslowski
  • Christian Sonntag
  • Sebastian Engell

Addressing the multiplicity of solutions in optical lens design as a niching evolutionary algorithms computational challenge

  • Anna V. Kononova
  • Ofer M. Shir
  • Teus Tukker
  • Pierluigi Frisco
  • Shutong Zeng
  • Thomas Bäck

Advanced mine optimisation under uncertainty using evolution

  • William Reid
  • Aneta Neumann
  • Simon Ratcliffe
  • Frank Neumann

Determining a consistent experimental setup for benchmarking and optimizing databases

  • Moisés Silva-Muñoz
  • Gonzalo Calderon
  • Alberto Franzin
  • Hugues Bersini

Multi-objective evolutionary product bundling: a case study

  • Okan Tunali
  • Ahmet Tuğrul Bayrak
  • Victor Sanchez-Anguix
  • Reyhan Aydoğan

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: International workshop on learning classifier systems

A genetic fuzzy system for interpretable and parsimonious reinforcement learning policies

  • Jordan T. Bishop
  • Marcus Gallagher
  • Will N. Browne

An experimental comparison of explore/exploit strategies for the learning classifier system XCS

  • Tim Hansmeier
  • Marco Platzner

An overview of LCS research from 2020 to 2021

  • David Pätzel
  • Michael Heider
  • Alexander R. M. Wagner

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Landscape-aware heuristic search

Understanding parameter spaces using local optima networks: a case study on particle swarm optimization

  • Christopher W Cleghorn
  • Gabriela Ochoa

Investigating the landscape of a hybrid local search approach for a timetabling problem

  • Thomas Feutrier
  • Marie-Éléonore Kessaci
  • Nadarajen Veerapen

Towards population-based fitness landscape analysis using local optima networks

  • Melike D. Karatas
  • Ozgur E. Akman
  • Jonathan E. Fieldsend

Dissipative polynomials

  • William B. Langdon
  • Justyna Petke
  • David Clark

Analysing the loss landscape features of generative adversarial networks

  • Jarrod Moses
  • Katherine M. Malan
  • Anna S. Bosman

Dynamic landscape analysis for open-ended stacking

  • Bernhard Werth
  • Johannes Karder
  • Andreas Beham
  • Stefan Wagner

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Neuroevolution at work

Prediction of personalized blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetic patients using a neuroevolution approach

  • Ivanoe De Falco
  • Antonio Della Cioppa
  • Angelo Marcelli
  • Umberto Scafuri
  • Luca Stellaccio
  • Ernesto Tarantino

Evolving neural selection with adaptive regularization

  • Li Ding
  • Lee Spector

Pareto-optimal progressive neural architecture search

  • Eugenio Lomurno
  • Stefano Samele
  • Matteo Matteucci
  • Danilo Ardagna

Neuroevolution of recurrent neural networks for time series forecasting of coal-fired power plant operating parameters

  • Zimeng Lyu
  • Shuchita Patwardhan
  • David Stadem
  • James Langfeld
  • Steve Benson
  • Seth Thoelke
  • Travis Desell

On the effects of pruning on evolved neural controllers for soft robots

  • Giorgia Nadizar
  • Eric Medvet
  • Felice Andrea Pellegrino
  • Marco Zullich
  • Stefano Nichele

Behavior-based neuroevolutionary training in reinforcement learning

  • Jörg Stork
  • Martin Zaefferer
  • Nils Eisler
  • Patrick Tichelmann
  • Thomas Bartz-Beielstein
  • A. E. Eiben

Hybrid encodings for neuroevolution of convolutional neural networks: a case study

  • Gustavo-Adolfo Vargas-Hákim
  • Efrén Mezura-Montes
  • Héctor-Gabriel Acosta-Mesa

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Parallel and distributed evolutionary inspired methods

A partially asynchronous global parallel genetic algorithm

  • Darren M. Chitty

An operation to promote diversity in evolutionary algorithms in a dynamic hybrid island model

  • Grasiele R. Duarte
  • Beatriz S. L. P. de Lima

Solving QUBO with GPU parallel MOPSO

  • Noriyuki Fujimoto
  • Kouki Nanai

Conduit: a C++ library for best-effort high performance computing

  • Matthew Andres Moreno
  • Santiago Rodriguez Papa
  • Charles Ofria

Island model in ActoDatA: an actor-based implementation of a classical distributed evolutionary computation paradigm

  • Giuseppe Petrosino
  • Federico Bergenti
  • Gianfranco Lombardo
  • Monica Mordonini
  • Agostino Poggi
  • Michele Tomaiuolo
  • Stefano Cagnoni

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Real-world applications of continuous and mixed-integer optimization

House price prediction using clustering and genetic programming along with conducting a comparative study

  • Fateme Azimlu
  • Shahryar Rahnamayan
  • Masoud Makrehchi

A matheuristic approach for finding effective base locations and team configurations for north west air ambulance

  • Burak Boyacı
  • Muhammad Ali Nayeem
  • Ahmed Kheiri

Project portfolio selection with defense capability options

  • Kyle Robert Harrison
  • Saber Elsayed
  • Ruhul A. Sarker
  • Ivan L. Garanovich
  • Terence Weir
  • Sharon G. Boswell

Black-box adversarial attacks using evolution strategies

  • Hao Qiu
  • Leonardo Lucio Custode
  • Giovanni Iacca

Evolutionary algorithms in high-dimensional radio access network optimization

  • Dmitriy Semenchikov
  • Anna Filippova
  • Dmitriy Volf
  • Nikolai Kovrizhnykh
  • Maxim Mironov
  • Zou Jinying
  • Luo Ronghui
  • Zhu Yuanming
  • Chai Dapeng
  • Huang Wei

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Surrogate-assisted evolutionary optimisation

Preferential Bayesian optimisation with skew gaussian processes

  • Alessio Benavoli
  • Dario Azzimonti
  • Dario Piga

Black-box mixed-variable optimisation using a surrogate model that satisfies integer constraints

  • Laurens Bliek
  • Arthur Guijt
  • Sicco Verwer
  • Mathijs de Weerdt

How Bayesian should Bayesian optimisation be?

  • George De Ath
  • Richard M. Everson
  • Jonathan E. Fieldsend

A two-phase surrogate approach for high-dimensional constrained discrete multi-objective optimization

  • Rommel G. Regis

Augmenting high-dimensional nonlinear optimization with conditional GANs

  • Pouya Rezazadeh Kalehbasti
  • Michael D. Lepech
  • Samarpreet Singh Pandher

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Genetic and evolutionary computation in defense, security, and risk management

Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for distributed tactical control of heterogeneous agents

  • Rahul Dubey
  • Sushil J. Louis

Deceiving neural source code classifiers: finding adversarial examples with grammatical evolution

  • Claudio Ferretti
  • Martina Saletta

Competitive coevolution for defense and security: Elo-based similar-strength opponent sampling

  • Sean N. Harris
  • Daniel R. Tauritz

Simulating a logistics enterprise using an asymmetrical wargame simulation with soar reinforcement learning and coevolutionary algorithms

  • Ying Zhao
  • Erik Hemberg
  • Nate Derbinsky
  • Gabino Mata
  • Una-May O'Reilly

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Swarm intelligence algorithms: Foundations, perspectives and challenges

Self-organizing migrating algorithm with clustering-aided migration and adaptive perturbation vector control

  • Tomas Kadavy
  • Michal Pluhacek
  • Adam Viktorin
  • Roman Senkerik

HCS-BBD: an effective population-based approach for multi-level thresholding

  • Seyed Jalaleddin Mousavirad
  • Gerald Schaefer
  • Diego Oliva
  • Salvador Hinojosa

A population-based automatic clustering algorithm for image segmentation

  • Seyed Jalaleddin Mousavirad
  • Gerald Schaefer
  • Mahshid Helali Moghadam
  • Mehrdad Saadatmand
  • Mahdi Pedram

A differential particle scheme and its application to PID parameter tuning of an inverted pendulum

  • Victor Parque

Explaining SOMA: the relation of stochastic perturbation to population diversity and parameter space coverage

  • Michal Pluhacek
  • Anezka Kazikova
  • Tomas Kadavy
  • Adam Viktorin
  • Roman Senkerik

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Visualisation methods in genetic and evolutionary computation

Visualizing fitnesses and constraint violations in single-objective optimization

  • Tomofumi Kitamura
  • Alex Fukunaga

Many-objective population visualisation with geons

  • Marius N. Varga
  • Swen E. Gaudl
  • David J. Walker

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop: Student workshop

CLAHC - custom late acceptance hill climbing: first results on TSP

  • Sylvain Clay
  • Lucien Mousin
  • Nadarajen Veerapen
  • Laetitia Jourdan

Negative learning ant colony optimization for the minimum positive influence dominating set problem

  • Albert López Serrano
  • Teddy Nurcahyadi
  • Salim Bouamama
  • Christian Blum

A parallel genetic algorithm to speed up the resolution of the algorithm selection problem

  • Alejandro Marrero
  • Eduardo Segredo
  • Coromoto Leon

Automated parameter choice with exploratory landscape analysis and machine learning

  • Maxim Pikalov
  • Vladimir Mironovich

The lower bounds on the runtime of the (1 + (λ, λ)) GA on the minimum spanning tree problem

  • Matvey Shnytkin
  • Denis Antipov

Concurrent neural tree and data preprocessing AutoML for image classification

  • Anish Thite
  • Mohan Dodda
  • Alex Liu
  • Pulak Agarwal
  • Jason Zutty

Population network structure impacts genetic algorithm optimisation performance

  • Aymeric Vié