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2021 edition of GECCO is largest GECCO ever!
The annual Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2021) took place from July 10 to 14. The conference was a pure online event where the base was located in Lille, France. With more than 940 participants it was a great success. The particpants enjoyed a lot of interaction using platforms like gather and whova. The scientific quality of GECCO was great and many insightful and excellent papers have been presented by the participants. Relevant goals of GECCO are to be sustainable and to reduce the carbon footprint and to be inclusive and also allow researchers with low travel budget to participate in GECCO. For next year, we are looking forward to a hypbrid GECCO (remote only participation will be possible) located in the US.

Foga2021 FOGA21 will be held from September 6 to September 8 at FH Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Dornbirn, Austria.
FOGA offers the opportunity to present your work towards a better understanding of the working principles behind your favorite EA or Randomized Search heuristic. We would be happy to show you the scenery, however, the decision has been made to run FOGA as an online event. We are looking forward to your submissions.

GECCO 2021 will run as pure online conference!
This year we witnessed immense progress in technologies that facilitate our virtual interactions and there are many interesting solutions that we can implement. Therefore, we are looking forward to a great conference, and the organizers' team is working hard to make GECCO'21 a great and original experience. We count on you all in helping us out at that.

We are proud to announce that Darrell Whitley was named an ACM fellow for technical and professional leadership in the field of genetic and evolutionary computation. Many congratulations to Darrell for this achievement. The accomplishment underpins the technologies that define the digital age and greatly impact our professional and personal lives. ACM Fellows comprise an elite group that represents less than 1% of the Association’s global membership.
press release 2019 ACM fellows


Prague City LR GECCO 2019 took place in Prague, July 13-17, 2019.

HPI FOGA 2019 took place in Potsdam, Germany, August 26-29. 15 papers out of 31 submissions were presented, contributing to advancing our understanding of the working principles behind evolutionary algorithms and related randomized search heuristics.

Gecco Network Check the GECCO authorship network presented in Berlin by Gabriela Ochoa, Editor in Chief of GECCO 2017, and Editor in Chief of SIGEVO Newsletter.

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