Gold Award

(and $5,000)

Evolutionary Game Design
Cameron Browne, QUT, Brisbane, Australia

Silver Medal

(and $3,000)

Automated probe microscopy via evolutionary optimization at the atomic scale
Richard A.J. Woolley, Julian Stirling, Philip Moriarty, Natalio Krasnogor, and Adrian Radocea, Notthingham Unviersity, UK

Bronze Award

(and $2,000)

Scalable Human-Competitive Software Repair
Michael Dewey-Vogt, Stephanie Forrest, Claire Le Goues, and Westley Weimer

Honorable Mention

Genetic Programming Based Feature Generation for Automated DNA Sequence Analysis
Uday Kamath, Amarda Shehu, Kenneth A. De Jong

Automatic Generation of Software-based Functional Failing Test
Ernesto Sanchez, Giovanni Squillero, and Alberto Tonda