SIGEVO Chair Lecture

Established in 2016, the SIGEVO Chair Lecture is a series of lectures sponsored by SIGEVO, to take place on the last day of the GECCO conference. It recognizes influencial researcher in the field.

2021 SIGEVO chair lecture in Lille/online

Why AI is Harder Than We Think
Melanie Mitchell. Santa Fe Institute, USA.
The talk can be accessed through the ACM SIGEVO channel on youtube

2020 SIGEVO chair lecture in Cancun/online

Removing Randomness from Evolutionary Algorithms
Darrell Whitley. Colorado State University, USA.
The talk can be accessed through the online system of GECCO 2020
For an interview with Darrell on how it feels to become the first ACM Fellow for his contributions to EC look at his interview in the SIGEVO newsletter

2019 SIGEVO chair lecture in Prague

Evolution, Robotics and the somersaulting spider
Ingo Rechenberg. TU Berlin, Germany.

2018 SIGEVO chair lecture in Kyoto

On Becoming a Reflective Practitioner
David E. Goldberg. ThreeJoy Associates, Big Beacon, and University of Illinois (Emeritus)

2017 SIGEVO chair lecture in Berlin

Curious and Creative Machines
Hod Lipson. Columbia University, New York, US
A summary of the talk can be found in the SIGEvolution newslettter

2016 SIGEVO chair lecture in Denver

The Biology of Software
Stephanie Forrest. The University of New Mexico, USA
A summary of the talk can be found in the SIGEVOlution newsletter