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Join Women@GECCO 2016 on July 21 at GECCO 2016 in Denver, Colorado.


The Women@GECCO workshop was inaugurated in 2013 as a venue specifically for women in evolutionary computation and has enjoyed an in increased attendance by both women and men at GECCO ever since.

The mission of the workshop remains to bring women attending GECCO together to share ways that will generate, encourage and support academic, professional and social opportunities for women in evolutionary computation. The primary focus on women is due to their remaining an under-represented cohort in evolutionary computation, whether the cohort is examined in industry, academics or both.

The workshop's mission is to foster, sustain, and impart role models, as well as offer the opportunity to interact with others “in the same boat.” The organizers encourage participation by all faculty, professional and students interested in Evolutionary Computation who identify as female, who consider themselves underrepresented minorities with similar issues, or are male and supportive of the issues.

Organizers of (past and current) Women@GECCO include:
  • Carola Doerr (CNRS & Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), France) <Carola.Doerr@mpi-inf.mpg.de>
  • Julia Handl (University of Manchester, UK) <j.handl@manchester.ac.uk>
  • Gabriela Ochoa (University of Stirling, UK) <goc@cs.stir.ac.uk>
  • Amarda Shehu (George Mason University, USA) <amarda@gmu.edu>
  • Tea Tušar (INRIA, Lille, France) <tea.tusar@inria.fr>
  • Christine Zarges (University of Birmingham, UK) <c.zarges@cs.bham.ac.uk>
  • Nur Zincir-Heywood (Dalhousie University, Canada) <zincir@cs.dal.ca>
  • Emma Hart (Edinburgh Napier University, UK) <E.Hart@napier.ac.uk>
  • Una-May O'Reilly (MIT, USA) <unamay@csail.mit.edu>
  • Anna Esparcia (S2 Grupo, Spain) <aiesparcia@gmail.com>
  • Aniko Ekárt (Aston University, UK) <a.ekart@aston.ac.uk>
  • Anne Auger (INRIA Saclay, France) <anne.auger@lri.fr>

The workshop's format is a lot of fun, and we encourage participation from anyone interested. Typically, the format for the workshop proceeds as follows:
  • Introduction of workshop and participants
  • Invited talk
  • Science Slam: short performances of selected speakers
  • “Ice-Breaker”: getting to know each other (we experimented with a poster session in 2015 and propose a “speed-dating” session for the 2016 event)
  • Open Discussion on work-life matters, gender equality, etc.

Over the Years

Information on past workshops can be found here.

Articles of Interest

"Things That Men Can Do To Be Real Allies For Women In Computing": blog post by Valerie Barr.
"Double Blind Review at SSBSE": blog post by Claire Le Goues.
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