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post-doc: Postdoctoral position available in Mexico
Where: Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico Mexico
What: The School of Engineering and Sciences at Tecnológico de Monterrey invites applications
for a Postdoctoral Fellow within the Research Group in Advanced Artificial Intelligence.
The successful candidate will be engaged in developing methods and algorithms in the
bio-inspired computing track, related to various projects in hyper-heuristics and
multi-objective optimization, and will be working in close collaboration with Dr. Hugo
Terashima-Marin, and with Dr. Carlos A. Coello-Coello, Professor at CINVESTAV and recently
appointed Faculty of Excellence at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Research Issues:
Hyper-heuristic and multi-objective algorithms have gained attention in recent years and a
combination of both techniques seem to have a great potential for solving complex optimization
problems. In this respect, there are still many problems that need to be addressed. We want
to investigate some of those challenges with the intention to respond to some interesting
research questions. The following are some issues we want to look into:

- Multi-objective hyper-heuristics.- We are interested in exploring the potential use of
hyper-heuristics for solving multi-objective optimization problems more efficiently and
effectively, starting with basic algorithms on both techniques.
- Automatic generation of heuristics and hyper-heuristics in the context of multi-objective
optimization. Although we have some initial research on this issue, there is still work to
do for combinatorial and continuous problems.
- Generation of Hybrid hyper-heuristic models and multi-objective algorithms (metaheuristics-local
search), constructive-perturbation, selection-generation, offline- online, lifelong learning, etc.).
- Extending hyper-heuristic development for impacting on multi-objective practical and
real-world problems (in the context of smart cities).
- Development of cross-multiple-domain hyper-heuristics in the context of multi-objective
optimization.- The idea on this topic is to produce more general and reusable methods, that is,
hyper-heuristics that could be applied (with none or few modifications) to solve a wide range
of multi-objective instances from different domains.
- Time analysis of multi-objective hyper-heuristics and comparative studies, considering the
impact of the hyper-heuristic representation and generation model in the quality
of solutions. These considerations are yet to be explored in the current literature.


- PhD in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence o related areas (preferably degree
granted in 2017 or upwards).
- Strong scientific production (JCR Journals and/or international conferences)
- Strong programming background.
- Excellent oral and writing skills in English.


- Full-time one year, with possible extension to two years, depending on performance.
- Starting date is April 2023. Applications should be submitted by Monday 27 of
February, 2023.
- Competitive salary and benefits.

Application requirements:

- Detailed CV, list of publications, awards and recognitions, and potential start date.
- Short statement of previous work, research interests and his/her future vision on the field.
- Names and contact information of three referees.
- PDF of a recent publication considered by the candidate as being representative of
his/her research work.

Interested applicants should send documentation to:

- Dr. Hugo Terashima-Marin (terashima@tec.mx) and Dr. Carlos A. Coello-Coello
- Please use as subject for your email: PostDoc Application – MOHH

Who: Hugo Terashima-Marín <terashima@tec.mx>
When: Until 2023-09-30 01:00
Presented at next GECCO?: yes

post-doc: Post-doctoral positions at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland - Are you interested in joining the Multiobjective Optimization Group?
Where: University of Jyvaskyla, Finland Finland
What: We are recruiting post-doctoral researchers at the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. The application deadline is June 11, 2023. For more information, see
Applications are to be submitted via the online application system (button at the top of the above-mentioned page).

One of the research groups of the faculty (mentioned in the announcement) is Multiobjective Optimization Group (part of the computational science area) that works on multiobjective optimization as well as decision/prescriptive analytics and data-driven optimization.

We welcome new, talented members to the Multiobjective Optimization Group. The group develops methods for supporting decision making in the presence of multiple conflicting objective functions. Therefore, knowledge of multiobjective optimization is required. The group develops methods as well as software and works with various applications of multiobjective optimization (in a broad range of domains). Examples of our research interests are interactive scalarization based and evolutionary methods and their hybrids. We work with both simulation-based (also computationally expensive) and data-driven problems. We also develop visualizations and apply artificial intelligence, machine learning tools and explainability as a part of the decision support processes. We are interested in supporting a single decision maker as well as groups of decision makers and deal with both deterministic problems and problems under (deep) uncertainty. We are developing an open-source software framework DESDEO for interactive multiobjective optimization methods (desdeo.it.jyu.fi). Furthermore, we are actively involved in a profiling (thematic research) area called Decision Analytics utilizing Causal Models and Multiobjective Optimization (DEMO, referred to in the above-mentioned announcement as “Data Science and Decision-making”), where the objective is to support data-driven decision making.

Rather recently graduated researchers with a doctoral degree relevant to these areas are most welcome to apply! For further information of the Multiobjective Optimization Group and DEMO, see http://www.mit.jyu.fi/optgroup and http://www.jyu.fi/demo, respectively.

The positions are for max four years and the recruited researchers should preferable be able to start in August 2023 or as agreed (one can have a post-doctoral position for max 4+2 years). Postdoctoral researchers are expected to be active in internationally high-quality research and publishing and to take part in applying for research funding. In addition, they are also expected to teach and supervise students.

Who: Prof. Kaisa Miettinen; kaisa.miettinen@jyu.fi (multiobjective optimization); Prof. Pasi Tyrvainen; pasi.tyrvainen@jyu.fi (IT Faculty)
When: Until 2023-06-11 16:59
Presented at next GECCO?: no

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