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Divide and Evolve
Who: Jacques Bibai, Pierre Savéant, Marc Schoenauer, and Vincent Vidal,
Where: Thalès R&D and TAO - INRIA Saclay and CRIL and ONERA Toulouse, France France
Status: Prototype using artificial data
Date: 2006
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DaE is an evolutionary AI planner. DaE slices...

User-Specific Design of Choice Experiments
Who: Pfeiffer, J.; Duzevik, D.; Rothlauf, F.; Yamamoto, K.,
Where: Dept. Information Systems/Universität Mainz, Germany Germany
Status: Prototype using real data
Date: 2010
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We present a new approach for the design of...

Computer designed board game wins 2012 ‘Humies’
Who: Dr. Cameron Browne,
Where: Computational Creativity Group at the Imperial College of London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Status: Operational within the company
Date: 2012
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There is a new board game called Yavalath...

Automated probe microscopy via evolutionary optimization at the atomic scale
Who: Richard A.J. Woolley, Julian Stirling, Philip Moriarty, Natalio Krasnogor and Adrian Radocea,
Where: University of Nottingham, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Status: Prototype using real data
Date: 2012
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A Cellular Genetic Algorithm has been...

Scalable Human-Competitive Software Repair
Who: Michael Dewey-Vogt, Stephanie Forrest, Claire Le Goues and Westley Weimer,
Where: University of Virginia, United States United States
Status: Prototype using real data
Date: 2012
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GenProg is a software tool that can detects and...