FOGA '17- Proceedings of the 14th ACM/SIGEVO Conference on Foundations of Genetic Algorithms

FOGA '17- Proceedings of the 14th ACM/SIGEVO Conference on Foundations of Genetic Algorithms

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SESSION: Invited Talk

Fast and Powerful Hashing using Tabulation

  • Mikkel Thorup

SESSION: Regular Papers

An Application of Stochastic Differential Equations to Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Tiago Paixao
  • Jorge Pérez Heredia

Runtime Analysis of a Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm on Sorting and OneMax

  • Moritz Mühlenthaler
  • Alexander Raß
  • Manuel Schmitt
  • Andreas Siegling
  • Rolf Wanka

Resampling vs Recombination: a Statistical Run Time Estimation

  • Tobias Friedrich
  • Timo Kötzing
  • Francesco Quinzan
  • Andrew M. Sutton

On the Use of the Dual Formulation for Minimum Weighted Vertex Cover in Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Mojgan Pourhassan
  • Tobias Friedrich
  • Frank Neumann

Analysis of the (1+1) EA on Subclasses of Linear Functions under Uniform and Linear Constraints

  • Tobias Friedrich
  • Timo Kötzing
  • Gregor Lagodzinski
  • Frank Neumann
  • Martin Schirneck

Analysis of the Clearing Diversity-Preserving Mechanism

  • Edgar Covantes Osuna
  • Dirk Sudholt

Lower Bounds on the Run Time of the Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm on OneMax

  • Martin S. Krejca
  • Carsten Witt

Convergence of Factored Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Shane Strasser
  • John W. Sheppard

Hypervolume Subset Selection for Triangular and Inverted Triangular Pareto Fronts of Three-Objective Problems

  • Hisao Ishibuchi
  • Ryo Imada
  • Yu Setoguchi
  • Yusuke Nojima

Quality Gain Analysis of the Weighted Recombination Evolution Strategy on General Convex Quadratic Functions

  • Youhei Akimoto
  • Anne Auger
  • Nikolaus Hansen

On the Statistical Learning Ability of Evolution Strategies

  • Ofer M. Shir
  • Amir Yehudayoff

Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Step Size Adaptation Rules

  • Oswin Krause
  • Tobias Glasmachers
  • Christian Igel

Linearly Convergent Evolution Strategies via Augmented Lagrangian Constraint Handling

  • Asma Atamna
  • Anne Auger
  • Nikolaus Hansen