GECCO '16- Proceedings of the 2016 on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

GECCO '16- Proceedings of the 2016 on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

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SESSION: Keynote Talks

The Challenges of Natural Algorithms

  • Bernard Chazelle

Taming the Complexity Monster or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hard Problems

  • Holger H. Hoos

SESSION: Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence

Relaxing Consensus in Distributed Factored Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Stephyn Butcher
  • Shane Strasser
  • Jenna Hoole
  • Benjamin Demeo
  • John Sheppard

A Mixed-Attribute Approach in Ant-Miner Classification Rule Discovery Algorithm

  • Ayah Helal
  • Fernando E.B. Otero

ACO-inspired Acceleration of Gossip Averaging

  • Andreas Janecek
  • Wilfried N. Gansterer

Curvature Flight Path for Particle Swarm Optimisation

  • Cheng Wai Kheng
  • Day Chyi Ku
  • Hui Fuang Ng
  • Mahmoud Khattab
  • Siang Yew Chong

The Influence of Heredity Models on Adaptability in Evolutionary Swarms

  • Ruby L.V. Moritz
  • Sanaz Mostaghim

Using Mutual Information to Build Dynamic Neighbourhoods for Particle Swarm Optimisation

  • Ángel Arturo Rojas-García
  • Arturo Hernández-Aguirre

A New Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

  • Shane Strasser
  • Rollie Goodman
  • John Sheppard
  • Stephyn Butcher

Update Strength in EDAs and ACO: How to Avoid Genetic Drift

  • Dirk Sudholt
  • Carsten Witt

Geometric Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-objective Optimization Using Decomposition

  • Saul Zapotecas-Martinez
  • Alberto Moraglio
  • Hernan E. Aguirre
  • Kiyoshi Tanaka

SESSION: Artificial Immune Systems and Biological and Biomedical Applications

Artificial Immune Systems can Beat Evolutionary Algorithms in Combinatorial Optimisation

  • Benjamin Doerr
  • Thomas Jansen
  • Christine Zarges

A Novel EA-based Memetic Approach for Efficiently Mapping Complex Fitness Landscapes

  • Emmanuel Sapin
  • Kenneth De Jong
  • Amarda Shehu

SESSION: Complex Systems (Artificial Life/Robotics/Evolvable Hardware/Generative and Developmental Systems)

EvoRBC: Evolutionary Repertoire-based Control for Robots with Arbitrary Locomotion Complexity

  • Miguel Duarte
  • Jorge Gomes
  • Sancho Moura Oliveira
  • Anders Lyhne Christensen

Quantifying Deception: A Case Study in the Evolution of Antimicrobial Resistance

  • Margaret J. Eppstein
  • C. Brandon Ogbunugafor

Convolution by Evolution: Differentiable Pattern Producing Networks

  • Chrisantha Fernando
  • Dylan Banarse
  • Malcolm Reynolds
  • Frederic Besse
  • David Pfau
  • Max Jaderberg
  • Marc Lanctot
  • Daan Wierstra

Evolving Neural Turing Machines for Reward-based Learning

  • Rasmus Boll Greve
  • Emil Juul Jacobsen
  • Sebastian Risi

Does Aligning Phenotypic and Genotypic Modularity Improve the Evolution of Neural Networks?

  • Joost Huizinga
  • Jean-Baptiste Mouret
  • Jeff Clune

Accelerating the Evolution of Cognitive Behaviors Through Human-Computer Collaboration

  • Mathias Löwe
  • Sebastian Risi

Evolvability Search: Directly Selecting for Evolvability in order to Study and Produce It

  • Henok Mengistu
  • Joel Lehman
  • Jeff Clune

Learning Behavior Characterizations for Novelty Search

  • Elliot Meyerson
  • Joel Lehman
  • Risto Miikkulainen

Neuromodulation Improves the Evolution of Forward Models

  • Mohammad Sadegh Norouzzadeh
  • Jeff Clune

Inspiration-Triggered Search: Towards Higher Complexities by Mimicking Creative Processes

  • Milan Rybář
  • Heiko Hamann

How do Different Encodings Influence the Performance of the MAP-Elites Algorithm?

  • Danesh Tarapore
  • Jeff Clune
  • Antoine Cully
  • Jean-Baptiste Mouret

Identifying Core Functional Networks and Functional Modules within Artificial Neural Networks via Subsets Regression

  • Roby Velez
  • Jeff Clune

SESSION: Continuous Optimization

Permuted Orthogonal Block-Diagonal Transformation Matrices for Large Scale Optimization Benchmarking

  • Ouassim Ait ElHara
  • Anne Auger
  • Nikolaus Hansen

Projection-Based Restricted Covariance Matrix Adaptation for High Dimension

  • Youhei Akimoto
  • Nikolaus Hansen

Analysis of Different Types of Regret in Continuous Noisy Optimization

  • Sandra Astete-Morales
  • Marie-Liesse Cauwet
  • Olivier Teytaud

Analysis of Linear Convergence of a (1 + 1)-ES with Augmented Lagrangian Constraint Handling

  • Asma Atamna
  • Anne Auger
  • Nikolaus Hansen

Experimental Investigation of Recombination Operators for Differential Evolution

  • Felipe Campelo
  • Moisés Botelho

Low-Budget Exploratory Landscape Analysis on Multiple Peaks Models

  • Pascal Kerschke
  • Mike Preuss
  • Simon Wessing
  • Heike Trautmann

Population Size Adaptation for the CMA-ES Based on the Estimation Accuracy of the Natural Gradient

  • Kouhei Nishida
  • Youhei Akimoto

Two-Dimensional Barcode Decoration Using Module-wise Non-systematic Coding and Cooperative Evolution by User and System

  • Makoto Kamizono
  • Kigo Shimomura
  • Masayuki Tajiri
  • Satoshi Ono

SESSION: Digital Entertainment Technologies and Arts

General Video Game Level Generation

  • Ahmed Khalifa
  • Diego Perez-Liebana
  • Simon M. Lucas
  • Julian Togelius

Evotype: From Shapes to Glyphs

  • Tiago Martins
  • João Correia
  • Ernesto Costa
  • Penousal Machado

Demonstrating the Feasibility of Automatic Game Balancing

  • Vanessa Volz
  • Günter Rudolph
  • Boris Naujoks

Discovering Combos in Fighting Games with Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Gianlucca L. Zuin
  • Yuri P.A. Macedo
  • Luiz Chaimowicz
  • Gisele L. Pappa

SESSION: Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization and Metaheuristics

Extension of the CMSA Algorithm: An LP-based Way for Reducing Sub-instances

  • Christian Blum
  • Jordi Pereira

Fast Heuristics for the Multiple Traveling Thieves Problem

  • Shelvin Chand
  • Markus Wagner

Cellular Genetic Algorithm for Solving a Routing On-Demand Transit Problem

  • Olfa Chebbi
  • Ezzeddine Fatnassi
  • Jouhaina Chaouachi
  • Nouha Nouri

Efficient Hill Climber for Constrained Pseudo-Boolean Optimization Problems

  • Francisco Chicano
  • Darrell Whitley
  • Renato Tinos

Population-based vs. Single-solution Heuristics for the Travelling Thief Problem

  • Mohamed El Yafrani
  • Belaïd Ahiod

Communities of Local Optima as Funnels in Fitness Landscapes

  • Sebastian Herrmann
  • Gabriela Ochoa
  • Franz Rothlauf

A Population-based Local Search Technique with Random Descent and Jump for the Steiner Tree Problem in Graphs

  • Angus Kenny
  • Xiaodong Li
  • A K. Qin
  • Andreas T. Ernst

A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Maximum Common Edge Subgraph Detection in Biological Networks

  • Simon J. Larsen
  • Frederik G. Alkærsig
  • Henrik J. Ditzel
  • Igor Jurisica
  • Nicolas Alcaraz
  • Jan Baumbach

Multi-objective Neutral Neighbors': What could be the definition(s)?

  • Marie-Eléonore Marmion
  • Hernan Aguirre
  • Clarisse Dhaenens
  • Laetitia Jourdan
  • Kiyoshi Tanaka

HMOBEDA: Hybrid Multi-objective Bayesian Estimation of Distribution Algorithm

  • Marcella S.R. Martins
  • Myriam R.B.S. Delgado
  • Roberto Santana
  • Ricardo Lüders
  • Richard Aderbal Gonçalves
  • Carolina Paula de Almeida

Feature Selection in Evolving Job Shop Dispatching Rules with Genetic Programming

  • Yi Mei
  • Mengjie Zhang
  • Su Nyugen

Additional Dimensions to the Study of Funnels in Combinatorial Landscapes

  • Gabriela Ochoa
  • Nadarajen Veerapen

Multi-hard Problems in Uncertain Environment

  • Michal Roman Przybylek
  • Adam Wierzbicki
  • Zbigniew Michalewicz

Ants can Learn from the Opposite

  • Nicolás Rojas-Morales
  • María-Cristina Riff
  • Elizabeth Montero

Evolutionary Approaches to Optimization Problems in Chimera Topologies

  • Roberto Santana
  • Zheng Zhu
  • Helmut G. Katzgraber

Game theory, Extremal optimization, and Community Structure Detection in Complex Networks

  • Mihai Suciu
  • Rodica Ioana Lung
  • Noémi Gaskó

On the Impact of the Renting Rate for the Unconstrained Nonlinear Knapsack Problem

  • Junhua Wu
  • Sergey Polyakovskiy
  • Frank Neumann

On the Design of Hard mUBQP Instances

  • Murilo Zangari
  • Roberto Santana
  • Alexander Mendiburu
  • Aurora Pozo

SESSION: Evolutionary Machine Learning

Human-inspired Scaling in Learning Classifier Systems: Case Study on the n-bit Multiplexer Problem Set

  • Isidro M. Alvarez
  • Will N. Browne
  • Mengjie Zhang

Using an Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Monotonic Regression Rule Discovery

  • James Brookhouse
  • Fernando E.B. Otero

Evolving Probabilistically Significant Epistatic Classification Rules for Heterogeneous Big Datasets

  • John P. Hanley
  • Margaret J. Eppstein
  • Jeffrey S. Buzas
  • Donna M. Rizzo

Transferable XCS

  • Xianneng Li
  • Guangfei Yang

Improving the Canny Edge Detector Using Automatic Programming: Improving Non-Max Suppression

  • Lars Vidar Magnusson
  • Roland Olsson

Fast Bi-Objective Feature Selection Using Entropy Measures and Bayesian Inference

  • Yi Mei
  • Bing Xue
  • Mengjie Zhang

Simple Evolutionary Optimization Can Rival Stochastic Gradient Descent in Neural Networks

  • Gregory Morse
  • Kenneth O. Stanley

Evaluation of a Tree-based Pipeline Optimization Tool for Automating Data Science

  • Randal S. Olson
  • Nathan Bartley
  • Ryan J. Urbanowicz
  • Jason H. Moore

A Hybrid Approach for Sleep Stages Classification

  • Abdelhamid Ouanes
  • Lilia Rejeb

Evolving Deep LSTM-based Memory Networks using an Information Maximization Objective

  • Aditya Rawal
  • Risto Miikkulainen

A New Evaluation Function for Clustering: The NK Internal Validation Criterion

  • Renato Tinós
  • Zhao Liang
  • Francisco Chicano
  • Darrell Whitley

A Wavelet-based Encoding for Neuroevolution

  • Sjoerd van Steenkiste
  • Jan Koutník
  • Kurt Driessens
  • Jürgen Schmidhuber

SESSION: Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization

Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Proximity Measure for Multi-Objective Optimization Based on Numerical Gradients

  • Mohamed Abouhawwash
  • Kalyanmoy Deb

Tuning of Multiple Parameter Sets in Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Martin Andersson
  • Sunith Bandaru
  • Amos H.C. Ng

Experiments on Greedy and Local Search Heuristics for ddimensional Hypervolume Subset Selection

  • Matthieu Basseur
  • Bilel Derbel
  • Adrien Goëffon
  • Arnaud Liefooghe

Bio-inspired Multi-objective Optimization Design of a Highly Efficient Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

  • Sergio F. Contreras
  • Camilo A. Cortés
  • María A. Guzmán

Runtime Analysis of Evolutionary Diversity Maximization for OneMinMax

  • Benjamin Doerr
  • Wanru Gao
  • Frank Neumann

A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm based on Parallel Coordinates

  • Raquel Hernández Gómez
  • Carlos A. Coello Coello
  • Enrique Alba Torres

A Generative Kriging Surrogate Model for Constrained and Unconstrained Multi-objective Optimization

  • Rayan Hussein
  • Kalyanmoy Deb

A Correlation Analysis of Set Quality Indicator Values in Multiobjective Optimization

  • Arnaud Liefooghe
  • Bilel Derbel

Active Learning in Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Sustainable Building Design

  • Siamak Safarzadegan Gilan
  • Naman Goyal
  • Bistra Dilkina

A Toolkit for Generating Scalable Stochastic Multiobjective Test Problems

  • Shaul Salomon
  • Robin Charles Purshouse
  • Ioannis Giaghiozis
  • Peter John Fleming

A novel Multi-objective Optimization-based Image Registration Method

  • Meifeng Shi
  • Zhongshi He
  • Ziyu Chen
  • Hang Zhang

A Faster Algorithm for the Binary Epsilon Indicator Based on Orthant Minimum Search

  • Andrey Vasin
  • Maxim Buzdalov

SESSION: Genetic Algorithms

Hidden Genes Genetic Algorithms for Systems Architecture Optimization

  • Ossama Abdelkhalik
  • Shadi Darani

Expanding from Discrete Cartesian to Permutation Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Peter A.N. Bosman
  • Ngoc Hoang Luong
  • Dirk Thierens

Escaping Local Optima with Diversity Mechanisms and Crossover

  • Duc-Cuong Dang
  • Tobias Friedrich
  • Timo Kötzing
  • Martin S. Krejca
  • Per Kristian Lehre
  • Pietro S. Oliveto
  • Dirk Sudholt
  • Andrew M. Sutton

Breaking the Billion-Variable Barrier in Real-World Optimization Using a Customized Evolutionary Algorithm

  • Kalyanmoy Deb
  • Christie Myburgh

Fast Building Block Assembly by Majority Vote Crossover

  • Tobias Friedrich
  • Timo Kötzing
  • Martin S. Krejca
  • Samadhi Nallaperuma
  • Frank Neumann
  • Martin Schirneck

Runtime Analysis for the Parameter-less Population Pyramid

  • Brian W. Goldman
  • Dirk Sudholt

Surprise Search: Beyond Objectives and Novelty

  • Daniele Gravina
  • Antonios Liapis
  • Georgios Yannakakis

A Parallel Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the k-Edge-Connected Hop-Constrained Network Design Problem

  • Mohamed Khalil Labidi
  • Ibrahima Diarrassouba
  • Ali Ridha Mahjoub
  • Anissa Omrane

Estimating the Advantage of Age-Layering in Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Hormoz Shahrzad
  • Babak Hodjat
  • Risto Miikkulainen

Exploiting Diverse Distance Metrics for Surrogate-Based Optimisation of Ordering Problems: A Case Study

  • Jim Smith
  • Christopher Stone
  • Martin Serpell

SESSION: Genetic Programming

Improving Generalisation of Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression with Structural Risk Minimisation

  • Qi Chen
  • Bing Xue
  • Lin Shang
  • Mengjie Zhang

The Impact of Hyperselection on Lexicase Selection

  • Thomas Helmuth
  • Nicholas Freitag McPhee
  • Lee Spector

Automatically Designing More General Mutation Operators of Evolutionary Programming for Groups of Function Classes Using a Hyper-Heuristic

  • Libin Hong
  • John H. Drake
  • John R. Woodward
  • Ender Özcan

Quantitative Analysis of Evolvability using Vertex Centralities in Phenotype Network

  • Ting Hu
  • Wolfgang Banzhaf

Epsilon-Lexicase Selection for Regression

  • William La Cava
  • Lee Spector
  • Kourosh Danai

Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Unsupervised Derivation of Search Objectives in Genetic Programming

  • Paweł Liskowski
  • Krzysztof Krawiec

A New Wave: A Dynamic Approach to Genetic Programming

  • David Medernach
  • Jeannie Fitzgerald
  • R. Muhammad Atif Azad
  • Conor Ryan

Managing Repetition in Grammar-Based Genetic Programming

  • Miguel Nicolau
  • Michael Fenton

A Dispersion Operator for Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming

  • Luiz Otavio V.B. Oliveira
  • Fernando E.B. Otero
  • Gisele L. Pappa

Evolving Algebraic Constructions for Designing Bent Boolean Functions

  • Stjepan Picek
  • Domagoj Jakobovic

Discovering Rubik's Cube Subgroups using Coevolutionary GP: A Five Twist Experiment

  • Robert J. Smith
  • Stephen Kelly
  • Malcolm I. Heywood

Reducing Antagonism between Behavioral Diversity and Fitness in Semantic Genetic Programming

  • Marcin Szubert
  • Anuradha Kodali
  • Sangram Ganguly
  • Kamalika Das
  • Josh C. Bongard

SESSION: Integrative Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Approximation of (k,t)-robust Equilibria

  • Tudor Dan Mihoc
  • Rodica Ioana Lung
  • Noémi Gaskó
  • Mihai Suciu

Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia by Random Forests with Features Constructed by Kaizen Programming with Linear Genetic Programming

  • Léo F.D.P. Sotto
  • Regina C. Coelho
  • Vinícius V. de Melo

SESSION: Parallel Evolutionary Systems

The Seamless Peer and Cloud Evolution Framework

  • Guillaume Leclerc
  • Joshua E. Auerbach
  • Giovanni Iacca
  • Dario Floreano

Hardware-Accelerated Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Fitness Functions with Variable Execution Times

  • Yunfeng Ma
  • Leandro Soares Indrusiak

Performance for the Masses: Experiments with A Web Based Architecture to Harness Volunteer Resources for Low Cost Distributed Evolutionary Computation

  • Juan J. Merelo
  • Pedro A. Castillo
  • Pablo García-Sánchez
  • Paloma de las Cuevas
  • Nuria Rico
  • Mario García Valdez

Evaluation-Time Bias in Quasi-Generational and Steady-State Asynchronous Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Eric O. Scott
  • Kenneth A. De Jong

SESSION: Real World Applications

A Hybrid Multi-Population Genetic Algorithm for UAV Path Planning

  • Márcio da Silva Arantes
  • Jesimar da Silva Arantes
  • Claudio Fabiano Motta Toledo
  • Brian C. Williams

Planning Habitat Restoration with Genetic Algorithms

  • Jana Brotankova
  • Tommaso Urli
  • Philip Kilby

New Bounds for Office Space Allocation using Tabu Search

  • Francisco Castillo
  • Maria-Cristina Riff
  • Elizabeth Montero

Multiobjective Neuroevolutionary Control for a Fuel Cell Turbine Hybrid Energy System

  • Mitchell Colby
  • Logan Yliniemi
  • Paolo Pezzini
  • David Tucker
  • Kenneth "Mark" Bryden
  • Kagan Tumer

A Genetic Decomposition Algorithm for Predicting Rainfall within Financial Weather Derivatives

  • Sam Cramer
  • Michael Kampouridis
  • Alex Freitas

Planning Inspection Paths through Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization

  • Kai Olav Ellefsen
  • Herman A. Lepikson
  • Jan C. Albiez

Evolutionary Design of Fast High-quality Hash Functions for Network Applications

  • David Grochol
  • Lukas Sekanina

A Genetic Algorithm for Rule-based Chart Pattern Search in Stock Market Prices

  • Myoung Hoon Ha
  • Sangyeop Lee
  • Byung-Ro Moon

Neuroevolution of a Hybrid Power Plant Simulator

  • Shauharda Khadka
  • Kagan Tumer
  • Mitch Colby
  • Dave Tucker
  • Paolo Pezzini
  • Kenneth Bryden

Measuring Source Code Similarity by Finding Similar Subgraph with an Incremental Genetic Algorithm

  • Jinhyun Kim
  • HyukGeun Choi
  • Hansang Yun
  • Byung-Ro Moon

Evolutionary Feature Subset Selection with Compression-based Entropy Estimation

  • Pavel Krömer
  • Jan Platoš

Finding Reliable Solutions in Bilevel Optimization Problems Under Uncertainties

  • Zhichao Lu
  • Kalyanmoy Deb
  • Ankur Sinha

Evolutionary Learning of Scheduling Heuristics for Heterogeneous Wireless Communications Networks

  • David Lynch
  • Michael Fenton
  • Stepan Kucera
  • Holger Claussen
  • Michael O'Neill

A Sparse Recurrent Neural Network for Trajectory Prediction of Atlantic Hurricanes

  • Mina Moradi Kordmahalleh
  • Mohammad Gorji Sefidmazgi
  • Abdollah Homaifar

Tackling the IFP Problem with the Preference-Based Genetic Algorithm

  • Sune S. Nielsen
  • Christof Ferreira Torres
  • Gregoire Danoy
  • Pascal Bouvry

Grammatical Evolutionary Techniques for Prompt Migraine Prediction

  • Josué Pagán
  • José L. Risco-Martín
  • José M. Moya
  • José L. Ayala

A Real World Multi-UAV Evolutionary Planner for Minimum Time Target Detection

  • Sara Perez-Carabaza
  • Eva Besada-Portas
  • Jose A. Lopez-Orozco
  • Jesus M. de la Cruz

Finding Interactions or Relationships between Customer Orders for Building Better Batches by Means of an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm-based Approach for the Online Order Batching Problem

  • Ricardo Pérez-Rodríguez
  • Arturo Hernández-Aguirre

Grammatical Evolution Enhancing Simulated Annealing for the Load Balancing Problem in Cloud Computing

  • Nasser R. Sabar
  • Andy Song

Benchmarks for the Coal Processing and Blending Problem

  • Sven Schellenberg
  • Xiaodong Li
  • Zbigniew Michalewicz

Fine Tuning of Traffic in our Cities with Smart Panels: The Quito City Case Study

  • Daniel H. Stolfi
  • Rolando Armas
  • Enrique Alba
  • Hernan Aguirre
  • Kiyoshi Tanaka

Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization of Winglets

  • Mateus A.M. Teixeira
  • Fillipe Goulart
  • Felipe Campelo

Selection of a DFO Method for the Efficient Solution of Continuous Constrained Sub-Problems within a Memetic Algorithm for Chemical Process Synthesis

  • Maren Urselmann
  • Christophe Foussette
  • Tim Janus
  • Stephen Tlatlik
  • Axel Gottschalk
  • Michael T.M. Emmerich
  • Sebastian Engell
  • Thomas Bäck

Artificial Multi-Bee-Colony Algorithm for k-Nearest-Neighbor Fields Search

  • Yunhai Wang
  • Yiming Qian
  • Yang Li
  • Minglun Gong
  • Wolfgang Banzhaf

Fast and Effective Optimisation of Arrays of Submerged Wave Energy Converters

  • Junhua Wu
  • Slava Shekh
  • Nataliia Y. Sergiienko
  • Benjamin S. Cazzolato
  • Boyin Ding
  • Frank Neumann
  • Markus Wagner

SESSION: Search-Based Software Engineering and Self-* Search

Test Case Prioritization of Configurable Cyber-Physical Systems with Weight-Based Search Algorithms

  • Aitor Arrieta
  • Shuai Wang
  • Goiuria Sagardui
  • Leire Etxeberria

Learning Overtime Dynamics Through Multiobjective Optimization

  • Marcio de O. Barros
  • Luiz Antonio O. de Araujo, Jr.

Grammatical Evolution for the Multi-Objective Integration and Test Order Problem

  • Thainá Mariani
  • Giovani Guizzo
  • Silvia R. Vergilio
  • Aurora T.R. Pozo

A Search-based Training Algorithm for Cost-aware Defect Prediction

  • Annibale Panichella
  • Carol V. Alexandru
  • Sebastiano Panichella
  • Alberto Bacchelli
  • Harald C. Gall

Search-Based Cost-Effective Test Case Selection within a Time Budget: An Empirical Study

  • Dipesh Pradhan
  • Shuai Wang
  • Shaukat Ali
  • Tao Yue

A Combined Generative and Selective Hyper-heuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem

  • Kevin Sim
  • Emma Hart


Noisy Optimization: Fast Convergence Rates with Comparison-Based Algorithms

  • Marie-Liesse Cauwet
  • Olivier Teytaud

Optimal Parameter Settings for the (1 + λ, λ) Genetic Algorithm

  • Benjamin Doerr

The Right Mutation Strength for Multi-Valued Decision Variables

  • Benjamin Doerr
  • Carola Doerr
  • Timo Koetzing

Optimal Parameter Choices via Precise Black-Box Analysis

  • Benjamin Doerr
  • Carola Doerr
  • Jing Yang

The (1+1) Elitist Black-Box Complexity of LeadingOnes

  • Carola Doerr
  • Johannes Lengler

EDAs cannot be Balanced and Stable

  • Tobias Friedrich
  • Timo Kötzing
  • Martin S. Krejca

Optimal Mutation Rates for the (1+λ) EA on OneMax

  • Christian Gießen
  • Carsten Witt

The Impact of Migration Topology on the Runtime of Island Models in Dynamic Optimization

  • Andrei Lissovoi
  • Carsten Witt

When Non-Elitism Outperforms Elitism for Crossing Fitness Valleys

  • Pietro S. Oliveto
  • Tiago Paixão
  • Jorge Pérez Heredia
  • Dirk Sudholt
  • Barbora Trubenová