TOC GECCO 2019 Competitions, Workshops, Tutorials, HOP, LBAs (no abstract)

GECCO '19: Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion

GECCO '19: Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion

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SESSION: Competition entry: Competition internet of things - Online event detection for drinking water quality control

Monitoring of drinking-water quality by means of a multi-objective ensemble learning approach

  • Victor Henrique Alves Ribeiro
  • Gilberto Reynoso-Meza

SESSION: Competition entry: Competition 100-digit challenge

Self-organizing migrating algorithm for the 100-digit challenge

  • Quoc Bao Diep
  • Ivan Zelinka
  • Swagatam Das

L-SHADE with an adaptive penalty method of balancing the objective value and the constraint violation

  • Takeshi Kawachi
  • Jun-ichi Kushida
  • Akira Hara
  • Tetsuyuki Takahama

Hybrid-adaptive differential evolution with decay function (HyDE-DF) applied to the 100-digit challenge competition on single objective numerical optimization

  • Fernando Lezama
  • João Soares
  • Ricardo Faia
  • Zita Vale

Helper and equivalent objective different evolution for constrained optimisation

  • Tao Xu
  • Jun He
  • Changjing Shang

Function evaluations upto 1e+12 and large population sizes assessed in distance-based success history differential evolution for 100-digit challenge and numerical optimization scenarios (DISHchain 1e+12): a competition entry for "100-digit challenge, and four other numerical optimization competitions" at the genetic and evolutionary computation conference (CECCO) 2019

  • Aleš Zamuda

SESSION: Competition entry: Competition evolutionary computation in uncertain environments - A smart grid application

CUMDANCauchy-C1: a cellular EDA designed to solve the energy resource management problem under uncertainty

  • Yoan Martínez-López
  • Ansel Y. Rodríguez-González
  • Julio Madera Quintana
  • Alexis Moya
  • Bismay Morgado
  • Miguel Betancourt Mayedo

SESSION: Competition entry: Competition AI competition for the legends of the three kingdoms game

Solving legends of the three kingdoms based on hierarchical macro strategy model

  • Youjie Zhang
  • Xiang Ding
  • Zhi Chen

SESSION: Hot off the press

Gaussian process surrogate models for the CMA-ES

  • Lukáš Bajer
  • Zbyněk Pitra
  • Jakub Repický
  • Martin Holeňa

Combining artificial neural networks and evolution to solve multiobjective knapsack problems

  • Roman Denysiuk
  • António Gaspar-Cunha
  • Alexandre C. B. Delbem

Understanding exploration and exploitation powers of meta-heuristic stochastic optimization algorithms through statistical analysis

  • Tome Eftimov
  • Peter Korošec

Generating interpretable reinforcement learning policies using genetic programming

  • Daniel Hein
  • Steffen Udluft
  • Thomas A. Runkler

The (1 + 1)-EA with mutation rate (1 + ϵ)/n is efficient on monotone functions: an entropy compression argument. (hot-off-the-press track at GECCO 2019)

  • Johannes Lengler
  • Anders Martinsson
  • Angelika Steger

Low-Dimensional euclidean embedding for visualization of search spaces in combinatorial optimization

  • Krzysztof Michalak

Discovering test statistics using genetic programming

  • Jason H. Moore
  • Randal S. Olson
  • Yong Chen
  • Moshe Sipper

EBIC: a scalable biclustering method for large scale data analysis

  • Patryk Orzechowski
  • Jason H. Moore

A bi-level hybrid PSO: MIP solver approach to define dynamic tariffs and estimate bounds for an electricity retailer profit

  • Inês Soares
  • Maria João Alves
  • Carlos Henggeier Antunes

Stochastic program synthesis via recursion schemes

  • Jerry Swan
  • Krzysztof Krawiec
  • Zoltan A. Kocsis

Analysing heuristic subsequences for offline hyper-heuristic learning

  • William B. Yates
  • Edward C. Keedwell

Hot off the press in expert systems on underwater robotic missions: success history applied to differential evolution for underwater glider path planning

  • Aleš Zamuda
  • José Daniel Hernández Sosa

SESSION: Late-breaking abstract

A two-phase genetic algorithm for incorporating environmental considerations with production, inventory and routing decisions in supply chain networks

  • Nader Azad
  • Adel Aazami
  • Ali Papi
  • Armin Jabbarzadeh

Application of estimation of distribution algorithm for feature selection

  • Mayowa Ayodele

Hybrid estimation of distribution algorithm for solving a resource level allocation problem in a legal business

  • Mayowa Ayodele
  • K. Nadia Papamichail
  • Geraldine Gallagher
  • Darren Buckley

Beyond coreset discovery: evolutionary archetypes

  • Pietro Barbiero
  • Giovanni Squillero
  • Alberto Tonda

Genetic algorithms are very good solved sudoku generators

  • Amit Benbassat

Stabilized training of generative adversarial networks by a genetic algorithm

  • Hwi-Yeon Cho
  • Yong-Hyuk Kim

Determination of microscopic residual stresses using diffraction methods, EBSD maps, and evolutionary algorithms

  • J. Ignacio Hidalgo
  • Ricardo Fernández
  • Oscar Garnica
  • J. Manuel Colmenar
  • Juan Lanchares
  • Gaspar González-Doncel

Skill emergence and transfer in multi-agent environments

  • Ingmar Kanitscheider
  • Bowen Baker
  • Todor Markov
  • Igor Mordatch

Modelling and solving the combined inventory routing problem with risk consideration

  • Ahmed Kheiri
  • Konstantinos Zografos

Integrating agent actions with genetic action sequence method

  • Man-Je Kim
  • Jun Suk Kim
  • Donghyeon Lee
  • Sungjin James Kim
  • Min-Jung Kim
  • Chang Wook Ahn

Predictive model for epistasis-based basis evaluation on pseudo-boolean function using deep neural networks

  • Yong-Hoon Kim
  • Junghwan Lee
  • Yong-Hyuk Kim

Parallel GPQUICK

  • W. B. Langdon

Genetic algorithm-based feature selection for depression scale prediction

  • Seung-Ju Lee
  • Hyun-Ji Moon
  • Da-Jung Kim
  • Yourim Yoon

Multidimensional time series feature engineering by hybrid evolutionary approach

  • Piotr Lipinski
  • Krzysztof Michalak

CE+EPSO: a merged approach to solve SCOPF problem

  • Carolina G. Marcelino
  • Carlos Pedreira
  • Elizabeth F. Wanner
  • Leonel M. Carvalho
  • Vladimiro Miranda
  • Armando L. da Silva

On the automatic planning of healthy and balanced menus

  • Alejandro Marrero
  • Eduardo Segredo
  • Coromoto Leon

EDA with hamming distance for consumption-loan planning in experimental economics

  • Yukiko Orito
  • Tomoko Kashima

Towards solving neural networks with optimization trajectory search

  • Lia T. Parsenadze
  • Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas
  • Toshiyuki Fujita

A honeybee mating optimization algorithm for solving the static bike rebalancing problem

  • Mariem Sebai
  • Ezzeddine Fatnassi
  • Lilia Rejeb

OINNIONN: outward inward neural network and inward outward neural network evolution

  • Aviv Segev
  • Rituparna Datta
  • Ryan Benton
  • Dorothy Curtis

Techniques from evolutionary computation to implement as experimental approaches in synthetic biology: tests in silico

  • Alexander Spirov
  • Ekaterina Myasnikova

Selective pressure in constrained differential evolution

  • Vladimir Stanovov
  • Shakhnaz Akhmedova
  • Eugene Semenkin

Trajectory optimization for car races using genetic algorithms

  • Dana Vrajitoru

Probabilistic grammar-based deep neuroevolution

  • Pak-Kan Wong
  • Man-Leung Wong
  • Kwong-Sak Leung

Identifying variable interaction using mutual information of multiple local optima

  • Yapei Wu
  • Xingguang Peng
  • Demin Xu

Predictability on performance of surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithm according to problem dimension

  • Dong-Pil Yu
  • Yong-Hyuk Kim

Bi-objective optimal planning for emergency resource allocation in the maritime oil spill accident response phase under uncertainty

  • Guohai Zhu
  • Kewei Yang
  • Qingsong Zhao
  • Zhiwei Yang

A new hybrid ant colony algorithms for the traveling thief problem

  • Wiem Zouari
  • Ines Alaya
  • Moncef Tagina

TUTORIAL SESSION: Tutorial: Introductory tutorials

Evolutionary robotics tutorial

  • N. Bredeche
  • S. Doncieux
  • J.-B. Mouret

Tutorial on evolutionary multiobjective optimization

  • Dimo Brockhoff

Constraint-handling techniques used with evolutionary algorithms

  • Carlos A. Coello Coello

Evolutionary computation: a unified approach

  • Kenneth De Jong

Theory for non-theoreticians: introductory tutorial

  • Benjamin Doerr

Neuroevolution for deep reinforcement learning problems

  • David Ha

A practical guide to experimentation (and benchmarking)

  • Nikolaus Hansen

Evolutionary many-objective optimization

  • Hisao Ishibuchi
  • Hiroyuki Sato

Runtime analysis of evolutionary algorithms: basic introduction: introductory tutorial at GECCO 2019

  • Per Kristian Lehre
  • Pietro S. Oliveto

Evolution of neural networks

  • Risto Miikkulainen

Introduction to genetic programming

  • Una-May O'Reilly
  • Erik Hemberg

Representations for evolutionary algorithms

  • Franz Rothlauf

Learning classifier systems: from principles to modern systems

  • Anthony Stein

Hyper-heuristics tutorial

  • Daniel R. Tauritz
  • John Woodward

Model-based evolutionary algorithms

  • Dirk Thierens
  • Peter A. N. Bosman

TUTORIAL SESSION: Tutorial: Advanced tutorials

CMA-ES and advanced adaptation mechanisms

  • Youhei Akimoto
  • Nikolaus Hansen

Simulation optimisation: tutorial

  • Juergen Branke

Dynamic parameter choices in evolutionary computation

  • Carola Doerr

Recent advances in particle swarm optimization analysis and understanding

  • AP Engelbrecht
  • CW Cleghorn

Visualization in multiobjective optimization

  • Bogdan Filipič
  • Tea Tušar

Solving complex problems with coevolutionary algorithms

  • Krzysztof Krawiec
  • Malcolm Heywood

Decomposition multi-objective optimisation: current developments and future opportunities

  • Ke Li
  • Qingfu Zhang

Semantic genetic programming

  • Alberto Moraglio
  • Krzysztof Krawiec

Evolutionary computation for digital art

  • Aneta Neumann
  • Frank Neumann

Recent advances in fitness landscape analysis

  • Gabriela Ochoa
  • Katherine Malan

Sequential experimentation by evolutionary algorithms

  • Ofer M. Shir
  • Thomas Bäck

Next generation genetic algorithms

  • Darrell Whitley
  • F. Chicano
  • G. Ochoa
  • A. Sutton
  • R. Tinós

TUTORIAL SESSION: Tutorial: Specialized tutorials

Exploratory landscape analysis

  • Pascal Kerschke
  • Mike Preuss

Creative evolutionary computation

  • Antonios Liapis
  • Georgios N. Yannakakis

Concurrency in evolutionary algorithms

  • J J Merelo

Push: genetic programming for finite algebras

  • Lee Spector
  • Nicholas Freitag McPhee
  • Lee Spector
  • David M. Clark
  • Ian Lindsay
  • Bradford Barr
  • Jon Klein

Theory of estimation-of-distribution algorithms

  • Carsten Witt

Evolutionary computation and evolutionary deep learning for image analysis, signal processing and pattern recognition

  • Mengjie Zhang
  • Stefano Cagnoni

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop evolutionary computation + multiple criteria decision making

Minimum spanning tree-based clustering of large pareto archives

  • Andrzej Jaszkiewicz

A tabu search-based memetic algorithm for the multi-objective flexible job shop scheduling problem

  • Marios Kefalas
  • Steffen Limmer
  • Asteris Apostolidis
  • Markus Olhofer
  • Michael Emmerich
  • Thomas Bäck

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop international workshop on learning classifier systems

Predicting the remaining useful life of plasma equipment through XCSR

  • Liang-Yu Chen
  • Jia-Hua Lee
  • Ya-Liang Yang
  • Ming-Tsung Yeh
  • Tzu-Chien Hsiao

LCS-based automatic configuration of approximate computing parameters for FPGA system designs

  • Simon Conrady
  • Manu Manuel
  • Arne Kreddig
  • Walter Stechele

Real-time detection of internet addiction using reinforcement learning system

  • Hong-Ming Ji
  • Liang-Yu Chen
  • Tzu-Chien Hsiao

Preliminary tests of a real-valued anticipatory classifier system

  • Norbert Kozlowski
  • Olgierd Unold

A survey of formal theoretical advances regarding XCS

  • David Pätzel
  • Anthony Stein
  • Jörg Hähner

XCS-CR for handling input, output, and reward noise

  • Takato Tatsumi
  • Keiki Takadama

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop evolutionary data mining and optimization over graphs

Nature-inspired metaheuristics for optimizing information dissemination in vehicular networks

  • Antonio D. Masegosa
  • Eneko Osaba
  • Juan S. Angarita-Zapata
  • Ibai Laña
  • Javier Del Ser

Solving the parameterless firefighter problem using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms

  • Krzysztof Michalak

Combining bio-inspired meta-heuristics and novelty search for community detection over evolving graph streams

  • Eneko Osaba
  • Javier Del Ser
  • Angel Panizo
  • David Camacho
  • Akemi Galvez
  • Andres Iglesias

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop industrial applications of metaheuristics

A memetic algorithm to optimize bus timetable with unequal time intervals

  • Pengfei Gao
  • Xingquan Zuo
  • Qiang Bian
  • Xinchao Zhao

Increasing trust in meta-heuristics by using MAP-elites

  • Neil Urquhart
  • Michael Guckert
  • Simon Powers

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop evolutionary computation software systems

MABE 2.0: an introduction to MABE and a road map for the future of MABE development

  • Clifford Bohm
  • Alexander Lalejini
  • Jory Schossau
  • Charles Ofria

Generalized incremental orthant search: towards efficient steady-state evolutionary multiobjective algorithms

  • Maxim Buzdalov

A symbolic evolutionary algorithm software platform

  • Rodolfo Ayala Lopes
  • Thiago Macedo Gomes
  • Alan Robert Resende de Freitas

Automatic configuration of NSGA-II with jMetal and irace

  • Antonio J. Nebro
  • Manuel López-Ibáñez
  • Cristóbal Barba-González
  • José García-Nieto

Evolutionary and swarm-intelligence algorithms through monadic composition

  • Gary Pamparà
  • Andries P. Engelbrecht

ECJ at 20: toward a general metaheuristics toolkit

  • Eric O. Scott
  • Sean Luke

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop decomposition techniques in evolutionary optimization

Differential evolution for multi-modal multi-objective problems

  • Monalisa Pal
  • Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop landscape-aware heuristic search

Local optima networks for continuous fitness landscapes

  • Jason Adair
  • Gabriela Ochoa
  • Katherine M. Malan

Landscape analysis under measurement error

  • Khulood Alyahya
  • Ozgur E. Akman
  • Jonathan E. Fieldsend

Coupling the design of benchmark with algorithm in landscape-aware solver design

  • Johann Dreo
  • Carola Doerr
  • Yann Semet

Visualising the landscape of multi-objective problems using local optima networks

  • Jonathan E. Fieldsend
  • Khulood Alyahya

Local optima network analysis for MAX-SAT

  • Gabriela Ochoa
  • Francisco Chicano

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop evolutionary algorithms for problems with uncertainty

Uncertainty in real-world steel stacking problems

  • Andreas Beham
  • Sebastian Raggl
  • Stefan Wagner
  • Michael Affenzeller

A generator for dynamically constrained optimization problems

  • Gary Pamparà
  • Andries P. Engelbrecht

Hybrid techniques for detecting changes in less detectable dynamic multiobjective optimization problems

  • Shaaban Sahmoud
  • Haluk Rahmi Topcuoglu

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop interactive methods

An intuitive and traceable human-based evolutionary computation system for solving problems in human organizations

  • Kei Ohnishi
  • Tomohiro Yoshikawa
  • Tian-Li Yu

Human-evolutionary problem solving through gamification of a bin-packing problem

  • Nicholas D. F. Ross
  • Matthew B. Johns
  • Edward C. Keedwell
  • Dragan A. Savic

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop evolutionary computation for the automated design of algorithms

SAPIAS concept: towards an independent self-adaptive per-instance algorithm selection for metaheuristics

  • Mohamed Amine El Majdouli

Empirical evidence of the effectiveness of primitive granularity control for hyper-heuristics

  • Adam Harter
  • Aaron Scott Pope
  • Daniel R. Tauritz
  • Chris Rawlings

Instruction-level design of local optimisers using push GP

  • Michael A. Lones

Toward self-learning model-based EAs

  • Erik A. Meulman
  • Peter A. N. Bosman

Automated design of random dynamic graph models

  • Aaron Scott Pope
  • Daniel R. Tauritz
  • Chris Rawlings

Evolving mean-update selection methods for CMA-ES

  • Samuel N. Richter
  • Michael G. Schoen
  • Daniel R. Tauritz

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop evolutionary computation for permutation problems

On the definition of dynamic permutation problems under landscape rotation

  • Joan Alza
  • Mark Bartlett
  • Josu Ceberio
  • John McCall

An experimental comparison of algebraic differential evolution using different generating sets

  • Marco Baioletti
  • Alfredo Milani
  • Valentino Santucci
  • Umberto Bartoccini

Search moves in the local optima networks of permutation spaces: the QAP case

  • Marco Baioletti
  • Alfredo Milani
  • Valentino Santucci
  • Marco Tomassini

Evolutionary search techniques for the Lyndon factorization of biosequences

  • Amanda Clare
  • Jacqueline W. Daykin
  • Thomas Mills
  • Christine Zarges

Deriving knowledge from local optima networks for evolutionary optimization in inventory routing problem

  • Piotr Lipinski
  • Krzysztof Michalak

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop surrogate-assisted evolutionary optimisation

Multi-point infill sampling strategies exploiting multiple surrogate models

  • P. Beaucaire
  • Ch. Beauthier
  • C. Sainvitu

Benchmarking surrogate-assisted genetic recommender systems

  • Thomas Gabor
  • Philipp Altmann

Prediction of neural network performance by phenotypic modeling

  • Alexander Hagg
  • Martin Zaefferer
  • Jörg Stork
  • Adam Gaier

Deadline-driven approach for multi-fidelity surrogate-assisted environmental model calibration: SWAN wind wave model case study

  • Nikolay O. Nikitin
  • Pavel Vychuzhanin
  • Alexander Hvatov
  • Irina Deeva
  • Anna V. Kalyuzhnaya
  • Sergey V. Kovalchuk

On the use of surrogate models in engineering design optimization and exploration: the key issues

  • Pramudita Satria Palar
  • Rhea Patricia Liem
  • Lavi Rizki Zuhal
  • Koji Shimoyama

On benchmarking surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithms

  • Vanessa Volz
  • Boris Naujoks

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop genetic and evolutionary computation in defense, security, and risk management

A mixed framework to support heterogeneous collection asset scheduling

  • Jean Berger
  • Moufid Harb
  • Ibrahim Abualhaol
  • Alexander Tekse
  • Rami Abielmona
  • Emil Petriu

Vulnerability assessment of machine learning based malware classification models

  • Godwin Raju
  • Pavol Zavarsky
  • Adetokunbo Makanju
  • Yasir Malik

A new approach for malware detection based on evolutionary algorithm

  • Farnoush Manavi
  • Ali Hamzeh

C3PO: cipher construction with cartesian genetic programming

  • Stjepan Picek
  • Karlo Knezevic
  • Domagoj Jakobovic
  • Ante Derek

Automated design of tailored link prediction heuristics for applications in enterprise network security

  • Aaron Scott Pope
  • Daniel R. Tauritz
  • Melissa Turcotte

A role-base approach and a genetic algorithm for VLAN design in large critical infrastructures

  • Igor Saenko
  • Igor Kotenko

Darwinian malware detectors: a comparison of evolutionary solutions to android malware

  • Zachary Wilkins
  • Nur Zincir-Heywood

Investigating algorithms for finding nash equilibria in cyber security problems

  • Linda Zhang
  • Erik Hemberg

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop evolutionary computation in health care and nursing system

Discovering dependencies among mined association rules with population-based metaheuristics

  • Iztok Fister
  • Akemi Galvez
  • Eneko Osaba
  • Javier Del Ser
  • Andres Iglesias
  • Iztok Fister

Computing rational border curves of melanoma and other skin lesions from medical images with bat algorithm

  • Akemi Gálvez
  • Iztok Fister
  • Eneko Osaba
  • Iztok Fister
  • Javier Del Ser
  • Andrés Iglesias

A deep learning system that learns a discriminative model autonomously using difference images

  • Ryodai Hamasaki
  • Koichi Nakayama

Drone monitoring system for disaster areas

  • Patrick Hock
  • Koki Wakiyama
  • Chika Oshima
  • Koichi Nakayama

An entirely self-administrated genetic algorithm implemented using block chain technology

  • Koichi Nakayama
  • Kanta Nanri
  • Yutaka Moriyama
  • Chika Oshima

Intention inference from 2D poses of preliminary action using OpenPose

  • Ryuji Tanaka
  • Chika Oshima
  • Koichi Nakayama

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop genetic improvement

Toward human-like summaries generated from heterogeneous software artefacts

  • Mahfouth Alghamdi
  • Christoph Treude
  • Markus Wagner

On adaptive specialisation in genetic improvement

  • Aymeric Blot
  • Justyna Petke

The quest for non-functional property optimisation in heterogeneous and fragmented ecosystems: a distributed approach

  • Mahmoud A. Bokhari
  • Markus Wagner
  • Brad Alexander

Genetic algorithms for affine transformations to existential t-restrictions

  • Ryan E. Dougherty
  • Erin Lanus
  • Charles J. Colbourn
  • Stephanie Forrest

Genetic improvement of data gives double precision invsqrt

  • W. B. Langdon

A survey of genetic improvement search spaces

  • Justyna Petke
  • Brad Alexander
  • Earl T. Barr
  • Alexander E. I. Brownlee
  • Markus Wagner
  • David R. White

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop real-world applications of continuous and mixed-integer optimization

Worst case search over a set of forecasting scenarios applied to financial stress-testing

  • Steffen Finck

Implementing evolutionary optimization to model neural functional connectivity

  • Kaitlin Maile
  • Manish Saggar
  • Risto Miikkulainen

Identifying solutions of interest for practical many-objective problems using recursive expected marginal utility

  • Hemant Kumar Singh
  • Tapabrata Ray
  • Tobias Rodemann
  • Markus Olhofer

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop game-benchmark for evolutionary algorithms

Game AI hyperparameter tuning in rinascimento

  • Ivan Bravi
  • Vanessa Volz
  • Simon Lucas

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop understanding machine learning optimization problems

Evolutionary discovery of coresets for classification

  • Pietro Barbiero
  • Giovanni Squillero
  • Alberto Tonda

Making a case for (Hyper-)parameter tuning as benchmark problems

  • Carola Doerr
  • Johann Dreo
  • Pascal Kerschke

Automatic surrogate modelling technique selection based on features of optimization problems

  • Bhupinder Singh Saini
  • Manuel Lopez-Ibanez
  • Kaisa Miettinen

Global structure of policy search spaces for reinforcement learning

  • B. Stapelberg
  • K. M. Malan

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop black box discrete optimization benchmarking

Towards better estimation of statistical significance when comparing evolutionary algorithms

  • Maxim Buzdalov

Bayesian performance analysis for black-box optimization benchmarking

  • Borja Calvo
  • Ofer M. Shir
  • Josu Ceberio
  • Carola Doerr
  • Hao Wang
  • Thomas Bäck
  • Jose A. Lozano

Benchmarking discrete optimization heuristics with IOHprofiler

  • Carola Doerr
  • Furong Ye
  • Naama Horesh
  • Hao Wang
  • Ofer M. Shir
  • Thomas Bäck

Illustrating the trade-off between time, quality, and success probability in heuristic search: a discussion paper

  • Ivan Ignashov
  • Arina Buzdalova
  • Maxim Buzdalov
  • Carola Doerr

Kinder surprise's debut in discrete optimisation: a real-world toy problem that can be subadditive

  • Markus Wagner

Binary 100-digit challenge using IEEE-754 coded numerical optimization scenarios (100b-digit) and V-shape binary distance-based success history differential evolution (DISHv)

  • Aleš Zamuda

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop medical applications of genetic and evolutionary computation

Can clustering improve glucose forecasting with genetic programming models?

  • Sergio Contador
  • J. Ignacio Hidalgo
  • Oscar Garnica
  • J. Manuel Velasco
  • Juan Lanchares

Semantic learning machine improves the CNN-Based detection of prostate cancer in non-contrast-enhanced MRI

  • Paulo Lapa
  • Ivo Gonçalves
  • Leonardo Rundo
  • Mauro Castelli

A new evolutionary rough fuzzy integrated machine learning technique for microRNA selection using next-generation sequencing data of breast cancer

  • Jnanendra Prasad Sarkar
  • Indrajit Saha
  • Somnath Rakshit
  • Monalisa Pal
  • Michal Wlasnowolski
  • Anasua Sarkar
  • Ujjwal Maulik
  • Dariusz Plewczynski

Application of classification for figure copying test in Parkinson's disease diagnosis by using cartesian genetic programming

  • Tian Xia
  • Jeremy Cosgrove
  • Jane Alty
  • Stuart Jamieson
  • Stephen Smith

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop visualisation methods in genetic and evolutionary computation

An analysis of dimensionality reduction techniques for visualizing evolution

  • Andrea De Lorenzo
  • Eric Medvet
  • Tea Tušar
  • Alberto Bartoli

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop on evolutionary algorithms for smart grids

Business models for flexibility of electric vehicles: evolutionary computation for a successful implementation

  • Fernando Lezama
  • Joao Soares
  • Ricardo Faia
  • Zita Vale
  • Leonardo H. Macedo
  • Rubén Romero

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop new standards for benchmarking in evolutionary computation research

Comparison of contemporary evolutionary algorithms on the rotated Klee-Minty problem

  • Michael Hellwig
  • Patrick Spettel
  • Hans-Georg Beyer

Exploring the MLDA benchmark on the nevergrad platform

  • Jeremy Rapin
  • Marcus Gallagher
  • Pascal Kerschke
  • Mike Preuss
  • Olivier Teytaud

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop black-box-optimization benchmarking

Benchmarking the ATM algorithm on the BBOB 2009 noiseless function testbed

  • Benjamin Bodner

Benchmarking algorithms from the platypus framework on the biobjective bbob-biobj testbed

  • Dimo Brockhoff
  • Tea Tušar

The impact of sample volume in random search on the bbob test suite

  • Dimo Brockhoff
  • Nikolaus Hansen

Benchmarking MO-CMA-ES and COMO-CMA-ES on the bi-objective bbob-biobj testbed

  • Paul Dufossé
  • Cheikh Touré

Benchmarking GNN-CMA-ES on the BBOB noiseless testbed

  • Louis Faury
  • Clément Calauzènes
  • Olivier Fercoq

Benchmarking large scale variants of CMA-ES and L-BFGS-B on the bbob-largescale testbed

  • Konstantinos Varelas

Benchmarking multivariate solvers of SciPy on the noiseless testbed

  • Konstantinos Varelas
  • Marie-Ange Dahito

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop paper: Workshop computational intelligence in aerospace science and engineering

Structured-chromosome GA optimisation for satellite tracking

  • Lorenzo Gentile
  • Cristian Greco
  • Edmondo Minisci
  • Thomas Bartz-Beielstein
  • Massimiliano Vasile

Determination of microscopic residual stresses using evolutionary algorithms

  • J. Ignacio Hidalgo
  • Ricardo Fernández
  • J. Manuel Colmenar
  • Oscar Garnica
  • Juan Lanchares
  • Gaspar González-Doncel

Interplanetary transfers via deep representations of the optimal policy and/or of the value function

  • Dario Izzo
  • Ekin Öztürk
  • Marcus Märtens

Hybridizing differential evolution and novelty search for multimodal optimization problems

  • Aritz D. Martinez
  • Eneko Osaba
  • Izaskun Oregi
  • Iztok Fister
  • Iztok Fister
  • Javier Del Ser

Benchmarking constrained surrogate-based optimization on low speed airfoil design problems

  • Pramudita Satria Palar
  • Yohanes Bimo Dwianto
  • Rommel G. Regis
  • Akira Oyama
  • Lavi Rizki Zuhal

Solving multi-objective dynamic travelling salesman problems by relaxation

  • Lorenzo A. Ricciardi
  • Massimiliano Vasile

Immune and genetic hybrid optimization algorithm for data relay satellite with microwave and laser links

  • Weihu Zhao
  • Guijin Xia
  • Cheng Dong
  • Wei Li
  • Shuai Ren
  • Yinghui Xue
  • Shuwen Chen
  • Xiya Chen

WORKSHOP SESSION: Student workshop paper: Student workshop

Meta-genetic programming for static quantum circuits

  • Kenton M. Barnes
  • Michael B. Gale

Limited memory, limited arity unbiased black-box complexity: first insights

  • Nina Bulanova
  • Maxim Buzdalov

On the construction of pareto-compliant quality indicators

  • Jesús Guillermo Falcón-Cardona
  • Michael T. M. Emmerich
  • Carlos A. Coello Coello

Random subsampling improves performance in lexicase selection

  • Jose Guadalupe Hernandez
  • Alexander Lalejini
  • Emily Dolson
  • Charles Ofria

Adaptive landscape analysis

  • Anja Janković
  • Carola Doerr

Theoretical and empirical study of the (1 + (λ, λ)) EA on the leadingones problem

  • Vitalii Karavaev
  • Denis Antipov
  • Benjamin Doerr

Evolution and self-teaching in neural networks: another comparison when the agent is more primitively conscious

  • Nam Le

Dynamic compartmental models for algorithm analysis and population size estimation

  • Hugo Monzón
  • Hernán Aguirre
  • Sébastien Verel
  • Arnaud Liefooghe
  • Bilel Derbel
  • Kiyoshi Tanaka

Expressiveness and robustness of landscape features

  • Quentin Renau
  • Johann Dreo
  • Carola Doerr
  • Benjamin Doerr

A biased random key genetic algorithm for the weighted independent domination problem

  • Guillem Rodríguez Corominas
  • Christian Blum
  • Maria J. Blesa

Modularity metrics for genetic programming

  • Anil Kumar Saini
  • Lee Spector

Knowledge-driven reference-point based multi-objective optimization: first results

  • Henrik Smedberg

Optimization of a demand responsive transport service using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms

  • Renan J. S. Viana
  • André G. Santos
  • Flávio V. C. Martins
  • Elizabeth F. Wanner

Fixed-target runtime analysis of the (1 + 1) EA with resampling

  • Dmitry Vinokurov
  • Maxim Buzdalov
  • Arina Buzdalova
  • Benjamin Doerr
  • Carola Doerr

Ensemble-based constraint handling in multiobjective optimization

  • Aljoša Vodopija
  • Akira Oyama
  • Bogdan Filipič