TOC GECCO Posters 2016

GECCO '16 Companion- Proceedings of the 2016 on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion

GECCO '16 Companion- Proceedings of the 2016 on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion - POSTERS

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POSTER SESSION: Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence

Asynchronous Steady State Particle Swarm

  • Carlos M. Fernandes
  • Juan Julián Merelo
  • Agostinho C. Rosa

Ant Colony Optimization Beats Resampling on Noisy Functions

  • Tobias Friedrich
  • Timo Kötzing
  • Francesco Quinzan
  • Andrew M. Sutton

POSTER SESSION: Artificial Immune Systems and Biological and Biomedical Applications

Fitness-Dependent Hybridization of Clonal Selection Algorithm and Random Local Search

  • Nina Bulanova
  • Arina Buzdalova
  • Maxim Buzdalov

Exploiting the Plasticity of Primary and Secondary Response Mechanisms in Artificial Immune Systems

  • Julie Greensmith
  • Andrew M. Jackson
  • Ian Spendlove

Metabolite Overproduction through Engineering and Optimization of Microbiome Composition Dynamics

  • Stephen Lincoln
  • Jacquelynn Benjamino
  • Joerg Graf
  • Ranjan Srivastava

VorAIS: A Multi-Objective Voronoi Diagram-based Artificial Immune System

  • Luis Martí
  • Arsene Fansi Tchango
  • Laurent Navarro
  • Marc Schoenauer

Using Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms to Understand Parkinson's Disease

  • Marta Vallejo
  • Jeremy Cosgrove
  • Jane E. Alty
  • Stephen L. Smith
  • David W. Corne
  • Michael A. Lones

POSTER SESSION: Complex Systems (Artificial Life/Robotics/Evolvable Hardware/Generative and Developmental Systems)

A Multi-objective Optimization Approach for Generating Complex Networks

  • Viplove Arora
  • Mario Ventresca

A Morphogenetic Design Strategy Using a Composite CA Model

  • Camilo Cruz
  • Justyna Karakiewicz
  • Michael Kirley

An Extended Study of Quality Diversity Algorithms

  • Justin K. Pugh
  • L. B. Soros
  • Kenneth O. Stanley

Automatic Evolution of Multimodal Behavior with Multi-Brain HyperNEAT

  • Jacob Schrum
  • Joel Lehman
  • Sebastian Risi

Exploring Conflicting Objectives with MADNS: Multiple Assessment Directed Novelty Search

  • Davy Smith
  • Laurissa Tokarchuk
  • Geraint Wiggins

What Factors Drive the Evolution of Mutualism?

  • Anya E. Vostinar
  • Luis Zaman
  • Charles Ofria

Evolving Novel Cellular Automaton Seeds Using Compositional Pattern Producing Networks (CPPN)

  • Joshuah Wolper
  • George Abraham

POSTER SESSION: Continuous Optimization

Contextual Stochastic Search

  • Abbas Abdolmaleki
  • Nuno Lau
  • Luis Paulo Reis
  • Gerhard Neumann

Diversity-Based Multi-Population Differential Evolution for Large-Scale Optimization

  • Yong-Feng Ge
  • Wei-Jie Yu
  • Jun Zhang

Multilevel Evolution Strategies for Multigrid Problems

  • Ofer M. Shir

QR Mutations Improve Many Evolution Strategies: A Lot On Highly Multimodal Problems

  • Fabien Teytaud
  • Olivier Teytaud

POSTER SESSION: Digital Entertainment Technologies and Arts

An Evo-Devo System for Algorithmic Composition that Actually Works

  • David Daniel Albarracín-Molina
  • Juan C. Moya
  • Francisco J. Vico

Evolutionary Procedural 2D Map Generation using Novelty Search

  • Andreas Scheibenpflug
  • Johannes Karder
  • Susanne Schaller
  • Stefan Wagner
  • Michael Affenzeller

Interactive Super Mario Bros Evolution

  • Patrikk D. Sørensen
  • Jeppeh M. Olsen
  • Sebastian Risi

POSTER SESSION: Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization and Metaheuristics

Search Space Exploration and an Optimization Criterion for Hard Design Problems

  • Pierre Bergé
  • Kaourintin Le Guiban
  • Arpad Rimmel
  • Joanna Tomasik

Experimental Study of Automated Parameter Tuning on the Example of irace and the Traveling Salesman Problem

  • Daniil Chivilikhin

A Novel Co-evolutionary Approach for Constrained Genetic Algorithms

  • Emmanuel Kieffer
  • Mateusz Guzek
  • Grégoire Danoy
  • Pascal Bouvry
  • Anass Nagih

Solving Maximum Cut Problem with an Incremental Genetic Algorithm

  • Jinhyun Kim
  • Yourim Yoon
  • Byung-Ro Moon

Efficient Stochastic Local Search for Modularity Maximization

  • Rafael Santiago
  • Luís C. Lamb

Iterated Local Search Based Heuristic for Scheduling Jobs on Unrelated Parallel Machines with Machine Deterioration Effect

  • Vívian L. Aguiar Santos
  • José Elias C. Arroyo
  • Thales F.M. Carvalho

Toward the Design of Efficient Pivoting Rules for Local Search

  • Sara Tari
  • Matthieu Basseur
  • Adrien Goëffon

Hybridizing Different Local Search Algorithms with Each Other and Evolutionary Computation: Better Performance on the Traveling Salesman Problem

  • Yuezhong Wu
  • Thomas Weise
  • Weichen Liu

A Coevolution Genetic Algorithm for Conflict Resolution of Multi-user Satellite Observation Activities

  • Baorong Zhai
  • Hao Chen
  • Jun Li
  • Ning Jing

POSTER SESSION: Evolutionary Machine Learning

Improving Logistic Regression Classification of Credit Approval with Features Constructed by Kaizen Programming

  • Vinícius Veloso de Melo
  • Wolfgang Banzhaf

Inspecting the Latent Space of Stock Market Data with Genetic Programming

  • Sungjoo Ha
  • Sangyeop Lee
  • Byung-Ro Moon

Evolving Augmented Graph Grammars for Argument Analysis

  • Collin F. Lynch
  • Linting Xue
  • Min Chi

Variance-based Learning Classifier System without Convergence of Reward Estimation

  • Takato Tatsumi
  • Takahiro Komine
  • Masaya Nakata
  • Hiroyuki Sato
  • Tim Kovacs
  • Keiki Takadama

Directly Constructing Multiple Features for Classification with Missing Data using Genetic Programming with Interval Functions

  • Cao Truong Tran
  • Mengjie Zhang
  • Peter Andreae
  • Bing Xue

POSTER SESSION: Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization

A CUDA Implementation of an Improved Decomposition Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization

  • Md Asafuddoula
  • Hemant Kumar Singh
  • Tapabrata Ray

Local Search Move Strategies within MOEA/D

  • Bilel Derbel
  • Arnaud Liefooghe
  • Qingfu Zhang
  • Hernan Aguirre
  • Kiyoshi Tanaka

Adaptive Use of Innovization Principles for a Faster Convergence of Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms

  • Abhinav Gaur
  • Kalyanmoy Deb

Towards a Better Diversity of Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization Algorithms using Local Searches

  • Haitham Ahmed Seada
  • Mohamed Abouhawwash
  • Kalyanmoy Deb

Approximate BDD Optimization with Prioritized ε-Preferred Evolutionary Algorithm

  • Saeideh Shirinzadeh
  • Mathias Soeken
  • Daniel Große
  • Rolf Drechsler

Multi-objective Optimisation with a Sequence-based Selection Hyper-heuristic

  • David J. Walker
  • Ed Keedwell

Weighted Optimization Framework for Large-scale Multi-objective Optimization

  • Heiner Zille
  • Hisao Ishibuchi
  • Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Yusuke Nojima

POSTER SESSION: Genetic Algorithms

Investigation on Parameterless Schemes for DSMGA-II

  • Chia-hua Chang
  • Tian-Li Yu

A Novel GA-based Feature Selection Approach for High Dimensional Data

  • Claudio De Stefano
  • Francesco Fontanella
  • Alessandra Scotto di Freca

A GA-Inspired Approach to the Reduction of Edge Crossings in Force-Directed Layouts

  • Farshad Ghassemi Toosi
  • Nikola S. Nikolov
  • Malachy Eaton

A Homologous Gene Replacement based Genetic Algorithm

  • Sumaiya Iqbal
  • Md Tamjidul Hoque

mpEAd: Multi-Population EA Diagrams

  • Sebastian Lenartowicz
  • Mark Wineberg

Maintaining Genetic Diversity in Multimodal Evolutionary Algorithms using Population Injection

  • Robin Mueller-Bady
  • Martin Kappes
  • Inmaculada Medina-Bulo
  • Francisco Palomo-Lozano

POSTER SESSION: Genetic Programming

Simultaneous Synthesis of Multiple Functions using Genetic Programming with Scaffolding

  • Iwo Bladek
  • Krzysztof Krawiec

Arbitrarily Close Alignments in the Error Space: A Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming Approach

  • Ivo Gonçalves
  • Sara Silva
  • Carlos M. Fonseca
  • Mauro Castelli

Finding Nonlinear Relationships in fMRI Time Series with Symbolic Regression

  • James Alexander Hughes
  • Mark Daley

A Semantics based Symbolic Regression Framework for Mining Explicit and Implicit Equations from Data

  • Quang Nhat Huynh
  • Hemant Kumar Singh
  • Tapabrata Ray

On Heuristics for Seeding the Initial Population of Cartesian Genetic Programming Applied to Combinational Logic Circuits

  • Francisco A.L. Manfrini
  • Heder S. Bernardino
  • Helio J.C. Barbosa

Evolving Attackers against Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Kinga Mrugala
  • Nilufer Tuptuk
  • Stephen Hailes

Niching Genetic Programming based Hyper-heuristic Approach to Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling: An Investigation into Distance Metrics

  • John Park
  • Yi Mei
  • Gang Chen
  • Mengjie Zhang

Grammar-based Selection Hyper-heuristics for Solving Irregular Bin Packing Problems

  • Alejandro Sosa-Ascencio
  • Hugo Terashima-Marín
  • José C. Ortiz-Bayliss
  • Santiago E. Conant-Pablos

Solving the Lawn Mower problem with Kaizen Programming and λ-Linear Genetic Programming for Module Acquisition

  • Léo Françoso Dal Piccol Sotto
  • Vinícius Veloso de Melo

POSTER SESSION: Integrative Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Recombination Hotspots Promote the Evolvability of Modular Systems

  • Ari Larson
  • Anton Bernatskiy
  • Collin Cappelle
  • Ken Livingston
  • Nicholas Livingston
  • John Long
  • Jodi Schwarz
  • Marc Smith
  • Josh Bongard

POSTER SESSION: Parallel Evolutionary Systems

Parallel Differential Evolution Based on Distributed Cloud Computing Resources for Power Electronic Circuit Optimization

  • Xiao-Fang Liu
  • Zhi-Hui Zhan
  • Jun-Hao Lin
  • Jun Zhang

A New Hybrid GPU-PSO Approach for Solving Max-CSPs

  • Dali Narjess
  • Bouamama Sadok

Develop, Deploy and Execute Parallel Genetic Algorithms in the Cloud

  • Pasquale Salza
  • Filomena Ferrucci
  • Federica Sarro

POSTER SESSION: Real World Applications

Optimum Design of Artificial Lateral Line Systems for Object Tracking under Uncertain Conditions

  • Ali Ahrari
  • Hong Lei
  • Montassar Aidi Sharif
  • Kalyanmoy Deb
  • Xiaobo Tan

Introducing Pareto-based MOEA to Neurosurgery Preoperative Path Planning

  • Noura Hamze
  • Pierre Collet
  • Caroline Essert

Improving Classification of Patterns in Ultra-High Frequency Time Series with Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Piotr Lipinski
  • Krzysztof Michalak
  • Adrian Lancucki

Mechanical Modeling with Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Braided Bicomponent Ureteral Stent

  • Xiaoyan Liu
  • Feng Li
  • Yongsheng Ding
  • Lu Wang
  • Kuangrong Hao

A Graph-based QoS-Aware Method for Web Service Composition with Branching

  • Alexandre Sawczuk da Silva
  • Hui Ma
  • Mengjie Zhang

Evolutionary Dynamic Optimization of Control Trajectories for the Catalytic Transformation of the Bioethanol-To-Olefins Process using Neural Networks

  • Gorka Sorrosal
  • Cruz E. Borges
  • Martin Holeña
  • Ana M. Macarulla
  • Cristina Martin
  • Ainhoa Alonso-Vicario

Co-evolution of Sensor Morphology and Behavior

  • Terence Soule
  • Barrie D. Robison
  • Robert B. Heckendorn

POSTER SESSION: Search-Based Software Engineering and Self-* Search

Configuring a Stigmergy-based Traffic Light Controller

  • Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste
  • Thomas Stützle

Selection and Generation Hyper-heuristics for Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

  • David Espinoza-Nevárez
  • José Carlos Ortiz-Bayliss
  • Hugo Terashima-Marín
  • Gustavo Gatica

Adaptive Parameter Selection in Evolutionary Algorithms by Reinforcement Learning with Dynamic Discretization of Parameter Range

  • Arkady Rost
  • Irina Petrova
  • Arina Buzdalova

Exploiting Antipheromone in Ant Colony Optimisation for Interactive Search-Based Software Design and Refactoring

  • Chris Simons
  • Jim Smith

Curious: Searching for Unknown Regions of Space with a Subpopulation-based Algorithm

  • Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas
  • Junichi Murata


An Algorithm for Computing Lower Bounds for Unrestricted Black-Box Complexities

  • Maxim Buzdalov

Principled Evolutionary Algorithm Design and the Kernel Trick

  • Fergal Lane
  • R. Muhammad Atif Azad
  • Conor Ryan

On the Capacity of Evolution Strategies to Statistically Learn the Landscape

  • Ofer M. Shir
  • Jonathan Roslund
  • Amir Yehudayoff


Model-Based Relative Entropy Stochastic Search

  • Abbas Abdolmaleki
  • Rodulf Lioutikov
  • Nuno Lua
  • Luis Paulo Reis
  • Jan Peters
  • Gerhard Neumann

On the Automatic Construction of Regular Expressions from Examples (GP vs. Humans 1-0)

  • Alberto Bartoli
  • Andrea De Lorenzo
  • Eric Medvet
  • Fabiano Tarlao

Evolution of Complex Emergent Behaviour in Multi-State Cellular Automata

  • Michal Bidlo

Unleashing the Potential of Evolutionary Swarm Robotics in the Real World

  • Miguel Duarte
  • Vasco Costa
  • Jorge Gomes
  • Tiago Rodrigues
  • Fernando Silva
  • Sancho Moura Oliveira
  • Anders Lyhne Christensen

The Benefit of Recombination in Noisy Evolutionary Search

  • Tobias Friedrich
  • Timo Kötzing
  • Martin S. Krejca
  • Andrew M. Sutton

Online Discovery of Search Objectives for Test-based Problems

  • Paweł Liskowski
  • Krzysztof Krawiec

The Smaller, the Better: Selecting Refined SVM Training Sets Using Adaptive Memetic Algorithm

  • Jakub Nalepa
  • Michal Kawulok

Intelligent On-Line Energy Management System for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles based on Evolutionary Algorithm

  • Xuewei Qi
  • Matthew Barth
  • Guoyuan Wu
  • Kanok Boriboonsomsin